Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Mom Bods To Prove Beauty Has No Standard

Last week, we introduced you to the dad bod trend that basically broke the Internet.

However, these dad bod dudes aren't the only ones buzzing about body image on social media.

It was only a matter of time before ladies starting getting in on the action, and now all sorts of women are posting photos that show off their #Mombods.

Bearing children significantly changes a woman's body, and these ladies are using their mom bod to challenge society's unrealistic expectations about what women should look like shortly after having a baby.

Their point is that men with dad bods get praise and laughs as reactions to "letting themselves go," but women's bodies are never seen that way in the public eye.

If you ask me, these ladies with mom bods are simply beautiful and deserve a serious round of applause for having the courage reveal their bodies to the world rather than cover them up.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the new mom bod trend.

Move over dad bod dudes....

#Mombod is the newest trend taking over...

Women are posting pictures that showcase their mom bods on social media.

These moms think it's unfair dad bods get praise and laughs from society...

While women are held to much higher and unrealistic standards of beauty.

Moms should be allowed to show off their bodies without receiving negative comments just as much the guys with dad bods.

Unlike the dad bod, a mom bod isn't solely caused by a lack of exercise and a poor diet.

Having kids can really change a woman's body.

These lovely ladies want society to drop the ridiculous expectations of what mothers should look like after bringing new life into the world.

If anything, their mom bods only make them even more striking and unique...

Not to mention, absolutely beautiful.

These mamas aren't afraid to reveal their true colors...

And love who they are inside and out...

As they empower others to drop the double standard...

And prove to the world beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at the tweets below to see what people are saying about the mom bod movement.

When will #mombods be as popular as #dadbods — anthony scelza (@AmyDeLovely) May 7, 2015
screw magazines telling you how to change the way you look, spread the FACT that #mombods are as beautiful as any other body type — stacy's mom (@arrielavega) May 9, 2015
@etrilby13 @mhawley24 I 100% support the mom bod #MomBods #MilfBods — Rx (Matt Muha) (@Dj_Rx_) May 7, 2015
@lcalane I cant deny it. #mombods are hot ; Ryan Sweet (@SweeterTweeter) May 11, 2015
With the #dadbod thing trending, I would like to give a special shoutout on this day to all the moms out there with killer #mombods ;) — SeanBartley (@SeanBartley) May 10, 2015