Gravity-Defying AcroYoga Is The Perfect Workout For You And Your BFF

When fitness gets you down, best friends are there to pick you up. In the case of devotees to a trendy yoga practice called AcroYoga, it's a literal lift they're getting.

In light of popular programs like aerial yoga, which mixes all the most graceful, challenging parts of acrobatics with the time-honored practice of yoga, a group of dedicated athletes are challenging themselves even further.

And while you might have heard AcroYoga is most popular amongst couples, it's not exclusive to them. Follow the example of celebrities like Lena Dunham, and use the workout as a chance to get comfortable with the ladies in your life.

This summer, you and your best friend can take on the challenge together.

AcroYoga is based on an appreciation for “healing kindness.”

Instead of competition and stress, forge your friendship in positivity.

You could always share a bottle of wine, but why not share a leg?

AcroYoga was originally founded in 1999, with a second school forming in 2003.

The increasing popularity of fitness-inspired Instagrams has social media lovers documenting it like never before.

In order to make the “flying” transitions work, friends need to be able to trust one another.

This is the woman you share all your deepest secrets with, so it only makes sense you'd physically lean on her.

AcroYoga focuses on cultivating three main areas:

In Solar Acrobatic Practice, you'll feel empowered and strong.

During Yogic Practice, would-be yogis are invited to focus on sharing their life force with their partner.

Finally, Lunar Healing Arts Practice is designed to focus on letting tensions go while prioritizing love.

The practice has all the benefits of a spa day with your bestie, except with more calorie-burning.

It's the ultimate exercise in team building.

Sure, you'll fall.

But, failure is the key to making anything stronger.

This goes for both friendship and fitness.

Anxious to get your yoga on already?

Find a class near you on AcroYoga's website.

Give your fitness levels, and your friendship, a boost simultaneously.

Make this summer your most acrobatic yet.

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