YesJulz Is Friends With LeBron, Has A Body By Yoncé And Is Dishing Dirt


Forget a quarter life crisis; Julieanna Goddard is living the Millennial dream.

Better known as YesJulz, the 25-year-old Snapchat “It” girl and self-proclaimed Director of Vibes in Miami has cultivated a brand on the pulse of carefree youth culture.

“I’ve always enjoyed sharing experiences. That’s why I love to throw parties and host events,” the adopted Tampa, Fl. native says alongside a Miami pool, her office for the day. “I knew Stories on Snapchat would turn into everybody having their own television show, so I documented my everyday journey and a few people cared to watch.”

She's being incredibly modest.

With over half a million viewers, more than a "few people" tuned in to catch glimpses not only of the industry's elite, but also endearing moments of Julz executing the kind of charity work Angelina Jolie would be proud of.

Her relatable snaps about dream chasing and traipsing the globe with an all-girl crew –– they spend their days working and their nights raging in America's spiciest hotspots –– keep kids tapping. (F*ck #saveourthumbs.)

Before turning up at Brooklyn's Greatest Day Ever event with Travi$ Scott this past weekend, social media's resident party girl dished on how she lives out her best days.

On consuming blogs for breakfast:

On her road to a Yoncé body:

On balancing heavy partying and a lean physique:

On drinking and hitting reset on your alcohol binges:

On swapping out donuts for quinoa:

On the importance of simplicity and sneakers:

On what’s in her designer bag:

On making life-changing impact on a budget:

On rolling with winners like LeBron James and Ronnie Fieg: