Clueless Turns 20: Why Amber Is The Real Fashionista Of The Movie

by Celine Rahman

For the past 20 years, we've idolized Cher and Dion for their timeless fashion in Clueless. But let's be real: there was a bright red flame of fashion always burning from the sidelines, and that flame was Amber.

Sure, Amber was known as the bitchy, opinionated best friend of Cher and Dion, but beneath her biting commentary and Beverly Hills nose job, she was a fashion inspiration. Her outfits were never an upset and always unique, which is why she was the true fashionista of Clueless.

She was never afraid to make a bold statement.

She literally wore a dress made from CDs.

She gave zero f*cks about what anyone thought.

Because when you look that good you just don't have to.

She was brand-conscious.

Only the best for the best.

She was never afraid to tell it how it was.

Because fashion cannot be done without attitude.

She slayed from head-to-toe.

What's an outfit without hair?

Her fashion IQ was basically Donatella.

One cannot simply wear without educating.

She understood the science of fashion.

Her fashion formula was second nature.

Cher and Dion were her low-key understudies.

They watched and learned.

She got any guy she wanted because she was fashionably fearless.

Any girl who is confident in her outfit is confident in her relationships.

She paid respects to fashion icons.

She learned from the greatest.

She never downgraded her fashion.

Because once you're at the top, there's no going down.

She was the life of every party.

Mostly because she was dancing in every party scene, but also because of her outfits.