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Before filming North West's "Mommy Grinch" TikTok video, Kim Kardashian and North West were seen tog...

Kim Kardashian Turned Into “Mommy Grinch” By Daughter North West

TikTok’s tiniest MUA delivered a shocking metamorphosis.

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The best holiday makeup tutorial currently on TikTok not only came early this year, but it was delivered by an MUA who’s still in elementary school. The pint-sized individual channeling some big Christmas beauty energy was none other than famous rogue TikToker North West, who turned Kim Kardashian into the Grinch with makeup. On Monday, Nov. 21, Kanye West and Kim K’s firstborn shared a truly inspired holiday beauty video on TikTok with the help (and permission) of her mom. North’s “Mommy Grinch” video featured everyone’s favorite Dr. Suess banger playing over clips of the 9-year-old giving the SKIMS founder a very green makeover. While all of her TikTok content is adorable, North showed off some serious MUA skills in this video.

Her “Mommy Grinch” glam took the SKKN BY KIM founder from bare-faced to the baddest B in Whoville using just a pressed pigment eyeshadow palette, Scotch tape, and an array of makeup brushes. Although the video is only eight seconds long, it gave North more than enough time to show off her exceptionally advanced makeup artistry. In fact, she shows off some techniques that plenty of adults with fully developed motor skills can’t master, including blending, crease cutting, stippling, and contouring. If being born into one of the world’s most famous families doesn’t work out as a career for North, she could definitely pick up a gig as a professional MUA.

It’s hard to see all the work that went into the Mommy Grinch look the first time you watch the video, but if you slow it down, you’ll see that this was no small feat. The multi-step process was intense and a few rounds of replaying the video reveals just how many steps it took to turn Mommy Kardashian into Mommy Grinch:

  • First, North, like any good MUA, created a canvas. She applied lots of concealer and blended it in with a large buffing brush.
  • North then applied an even coat of green powder all over her (very patient) mom’s face.
  • Next up, sculpting! Using contrasting shades of green and yellow, North gave Kardashian a classic Grinch snout and face folds. She even made sure to include the whiskers.
  • Because North is a pro, she also added some contour to Kardashian’s cheekbones.
TikTok/Kim Kardashian and North West

It cannot be stressed enough that the finished look is super advanced for someone who hasn’t even hit double digits yet, which her makeup mogul aunt might want to keep in mind for her next in-the-family Kylie Cosmetics collab.