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8 Glitter Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks To Inspire Your Next Night Out

Glitter, sparkle, and shimmer your eyes to the max.

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Everything is better with glitter. It’s vibrant, fun, and so sparkly. The sight of the glitter just tingles all of my brain’s senses. Be it in makeup, on t-shirts, decorating a fancy dress, and anywhere else I can find it, glitter reigns everywhere. But while you most likely won’t douse your self in glitter everyday, you can incorporate a little into your makeup in high-shine ways with glittery cut creases even beginner makeup aficionados can do.

Cut creases aren’t as hard to do as you may fear they are, but there are a few different ways to do it. The easiest way to make your cut crease look super sharp is to first apply the darker shade to the eyebrow crease and blend it out towards the brow bone. Don’t worry about any getting onto the lid, because you’ll use concealer to clean it up and really make your cut pop. Next, on top of your concealer, you can add whatever type of glitter you want. A pressed glitter powder or a gel are buildable but go on easy with just one swipe. A loose glitter, on the other hand, is more likely to fall out and needs to be patted over the eyelid with a finger to reach its intended effect. For a complete cut crease tutorial, including a step-by-step play-by-play, Kayla Martinez’ “Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial” offers a really successful primer you can recreate at home.

From golds and silvers to some very colorful and bright moments, you’re going to be covered in glitter (in a good way) in no time. These cut crease, glitter eyeshadow ideas will inspire you to debut your cleanest, sharpest, and most stunning glitter cut crease yet.

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A cut crease created using shimmery, smoky golds

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While doing an amazing job hosting the pre-Met Gala red carpet in 2021, Keke Palmer debuted a shimmering, smokey eye with a cut crease. The hint of gold amidst her expertly blended black and grey shadows is beyond luxurious. With such a stark contrast between the colors, even the smallest dash of gold will gleam. ColourPop’s Good as Gold Shadow Palette ($18, ColourPop) has so many gold options as well as a matte black, so you can recreate this look perfectly.

A cut crease created with purples, blues, and reds


Load up on all your favorite shimmer shades with a multicolored cut crease. Although it’ll take you some time to get this ombré look with all the blending between shades to get the final effect, you won’t need to blend too much to pack a very bright punch. NYX’s Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette ($25, NYX Cosmetics) has all the glittery eyeshadows necessary to recreate this rainbow eye at home.

A cut crease you can do at home using sunset shades

Beats by Deb glued some seriously impressive flecks of glitter onto her fiery red, pink, and orange shadows. By using a fine glitter like FlutterByRo’s Unicorn Kisses ($3, FlutterByRo) on her inner corner and a chunkier glitter further out, she doesn’t lose the very neat look of her cut crease. To really lock the glitter down, she recommends using Duo Brush-On Adhesive ($5, Ulta Beauty).. You won’t lose your sparkle throughout the day.

A glittery cut crease made with lots of grays and silver shades

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At the 2022 Grammy Awards, Doja Cat served a silver cut crease. Her eyeshadow was simple, featuring a darker gray in the deep of her crease for subtle definition, but the mixture of her sparkling silver shadow and the smokey eye served Moon Goddess to the highest degree. You can get the look yourself with Afflano’s Silver Eyeshadow Palette ($10, Walmart).

Use double liner for an added Euphoria effect on your cut crease creation

People will fall in love with your Euphoria-esque makeup if you copy Rosita Rodriguez’s “Shimmery Bling CutCrease.” While it seems ultra glitzy, you only need Stila’s Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow ($24, Stila Cosmetics) and any eyeshadows of your choosing to pull it off. Steady hands are pretty helpful for this look, so do your best to stay calm.

An e-girl cut crease you can create using tons of fiery eyeshadow shades

Nana is an icon on TikTok for sharing tutorials of every kind of e-girl makeup. Whether they focus on a color, like green-focused eyeshadow or an aesthetic like cottagecore, these tutorials turn even the vaguest of concepts into a total lewk. For their take on a a glittery cut crease, Nana still loads up the blush, eyeliner, and a heavy black shadow like the Sephora Collection’s Colorful Eyeshadow in Black Lace ($9, Sephora).

Use different shades to create a blended ombré cut crease


Ombré your eyes by using just one color. The build of lighter shades to darker ones gives the effect of a sunset no matter what color you choose or what time of day it is. If you want to go down the purple route, Bh Cosmetic’s Totally 2000s Eyeshadow Palette ($13, Mercari) will def be your BFF.

A smoky cut crease made with golds and browns

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Bronzy and shining, Normani’s Met Gala 2021 makeup was soft and sultry. The blend of the brown on her outer corners created a warm tone that offset the glitter beautifully. She also brought her gold eyeshadow slightly above her crease so you can see the glitter even with her eyes open wide.

To create this more neutral look, Mirenesse’s 20th Anniversary Solid Gold Eyeshadow Palette ($47, Nordstrom Rack) has a bunch of buildable shades ideal for this kind of super blended look.

Who else is ready to go clean their makeup brushes right now to make way for a slew of new, glitter, cut crease looks to try out?