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Three friends wearing all-black halloween costumes.
9 All-Black Halloween Costumes For Dark-Sided Ghoulies

Paint it black.

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Halloween is a perfect time of year to throw on a fully monochromatic costume in a signature spooky season shade. Single-color costumes are always a solid choice, but all-black Halloween costumes strike a special chord this time of year. Whether you want to go glam or lean into the scarier side of this Holiday, an all-black costume is a power move.

All-black costumes and Halloween have gone hand in hand since way before Reese’s Pumpkins were a thing. Back when Halloween was Samhain, folks wore black to keep themselves safe from the ghosts they believed roamed the earth when the veil between the worlds grew thin. Talk about spooky.

Whereas single-color Halloween costumes in shades like purple take a bit more forethought and planning, you can pretty much throw together an all-black costume in no time at all. You likely have at least one black piece of clothing in your closet that you can shake into costume shape in no time. That’s not to say this list is devoid of more elaborate options. If you’re looking to piece together a last-minute Halloween look for a party or put the finishing touch on a costume contest first-place winner, these nine all-black Halloween costume ideas will give you the eeriest of inspo.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Wednesday Addams

Thanks to her Netflix comeback, Wednesday Addams is bound to be a popular choice for all-black Halloween costumes, but don’t let that deter you from braiding your hair and slipping into a simple black shift dress.


The Other Mother From Coraline

Another costume that’s simple to put together, but delivers major impact is everyone’s favorite button-eyed monster momma. The Other Mother from Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is nothing if not devoted and you can match her intensity with a peplum dress, black pumps, and a pair of button glasses.



There are *so many* ways to pull off a skeleton look. You can go with the classic jumpsuit and skull makeup or opt for a more dramatic moment by wearing this glowing skeleton onesie.



Channel your inner feline-inclined crime fighter whether she’s like Zoë Kravitz, Anne Hathaway, or Michelle Pfeiffers DC alter ego. This all-black Halloween costume is a great choice if you prefer a bit more coverage on Halloween night.


Evil Cheerleader

Ready? OK! Cheerleaders are one of the archetypes that get the spooky season treatment year after year. There are zombie cheerleaders, vampire cheerleaders, and demonic cheerleaders. The latter works best if you’re going for an all-black costume.


Dark Angel

Angels don’t always wear white. If you prefer to take a goth approach to Halloween, but still want to rock a pair of wings, this is the way to go.


Your Coven’s Supreme

You don’t have to be an American Horror Story fan to know that being the supreme witch in charge is a pretty sweet deal. A classic witch hat is really all you need to send the point of this costume home, plus a funerary parasol à la AHS: Coven’s Fiona Goode. The rest of the costume can be made up of whatever you have on hand as long as you strut in it.


Queen Maleficent

Horns never looked so good. This all-black take on this iconic Disney villain is pretty much guaranteed to win you first place in a costume contest. The headpiece alone is delivering lots of look.


Black Cat

If you’re crunched for time, a simple stalwart of last-minute costuming is ye olde black cat. Keep it simple with a pair of cat ears or get a bit more involved with a whiskered masquerade mask like this one, which gives major Euphoria Kat vibes.

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