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There’s An Astrological Reason You Keep Dating The Same Zodiac Signs

Who knew your birth chart could be to blame?

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History repeating itself is the kind of thing that happens very often in astrology. It’s what makes every Mercury retrograde unleash the same kind of chaos in your life, like getting a parking ticket or falling out with your BFF around the same time every year. Although astrology doesn’t control your fate, it can describe the circumstances you find yourself in periodically, which can assist in allowing you to avoid the occasional mishap or misfortune.

In fact, your own birth chart tends to hold the key to why you may find yourself befriending people who were born the same month, or even why you keep dating the same zodiac signs. Much of this has to do with the qualities that appeal to you, which can be traced back to a few different astrological placements in your chart. So, if you seem to always have a thing for Capricorns (like me), it’s not actually because you have a humiliation kink — it’s because of your own astrological makeup.

Why Do I Keep Dating The Same Zodiac Signs?

The sign contained in your seventh house (along with its ruling planet) tend to hold the biggest clues about this. A quick way to determine the sign in your seventh house is by looking to the opposite sign of your rising sign. For example, I’m a Cancer rising, which means that the opposite sign of my rising sign is Capricorn. When using the Whole Sign House system (the house system I personally recommend using), this is the sign that falls in my seventh house. Because of this placement, I tend to find myself repeatedly attracted to people who have a Capricorn sun, moon, or rising (lucky me).


This Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

The sign contained within your seventh house tends to represent not only the qualities you’re attracted to, but the qualities that may actually help to balance out some of your own energy. This is one of the reasons you’re repeatedly attracted to the same signs — because they tend to have traits that compliment you and can potentially help you grow. Opposites often attract in astrology, as two opposing signs have a tendency to balance each other out in a harmonious way.

Public celebrity relationships often prove this cosmic theory to be true — Zack Bia, a Gemini sun, Aries moon, and (reportedly) Virgo rising, has been publicly linked to Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Beer, who are both Pisces suns with Libra moons. Upon looking at his seventh house (AKA the house of romantic relationships), the sign contained there is Pisces, which means both of his exes have their suns placed in his seventh house — a common synastry indicator of romantic interest. As an analytical, communicative, Gemini sun/Virgo rising, the DJ appears to enjoy the creative, idealistic qualities of Pisces partners.

Rising signs and seventh houses aside, you may even find yourself dating people who share the same sun or moon sign as you. Take Jennifer Lopez, for example — the performer is married to Ben Affleck, who is a Leo sun, Scorpio moon, just like her. The singer was also previously romantically linked to another Leo sun, Alex Rodriguez (the Leos aren’t beating the self-obsessed stereotype anytime soon, I fear). Many times, dating someone who have their luminaries in the same signs as you can create a love-at-first-sight kind of dynamic, since you both express yourselves in very similar ways.

In conclusion, it’s not necessarily a good or bad thing to be attracted to the same zodiac signs repeatedly, and it can actually be explained by taking a look at your own birth chart. Oftentimes, the signs you’re attracted to are contained in your own chart, whether it be your sun, moon, rising, or seventh house. It just goes to show that you tend to gravitate towards those that mirror back to you your own qualities, for better or for worse.

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