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Between Ben & A-Rod, Here’s Who J. Lo Is More Astrologically Compatible With

All three are Leos.

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Jennifer Lopez is a textbook Leo — after all, would any other sign debut their new relationship with a series of thirst traps ending in a boyfriend reveal? In fact, she’s so much of a Leo that she’s clearly drawn to romantic partners who share her sign: her ex Alex Rodriguez and her current love, Ben Affleck, are also both Leos. Clearly, she gets along well with her fellow lions, but when we take their other zodiac placements into account, who is J. Lo more astrologically compatible with — Affleck or A-Rod?

Before we really start analyzing the differences between A-Rod and Affleck, it’s important to acknowledge that both of them have great compatibility with Lopez. A relationship between two of the same signs can be hit or miss; they usually get each other, but they might work better with people who can balance them out. Two Leos, however, can definitely be the real deal. They’re loyal, generous, and most importantly, pretty selective — they know their own worth, and when two Leos decide on each other, it’s clear that neither is settling. Furthermore, they appreciate it when they can see themselves in their partner, astrologer Lisa Stardust previously told Elite Daily. And in a 2017 interview with Vanity Fair, A-Rod even noted that he and J. Lo were both Leos and “very much twins.”

Sun signs don’t paint the whole picture, though. J. Lo and Affleck are both Scorpio moons, meaning they understand each other on a deeper emotional level. “They both harbor a lot of intense and deep feelings, and the moon in Scorpio is known to be super committed to whomever they begin a relationship with,” Stardust said.

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A-Rod, meanwhile, has his moon in Pisces. Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs, so in some ways, these two can relate to each other. (Basically, J. Lo, Affleck, and A-Rod are all very in touch with their feelings.) But people with prominent Scorpio placements tend to hold grudges and react strongly to difficult situations, while Pisceans are more likely to avoid conflict at all costs.

“Alex has a Pisces moon and Mercury in Cancer, which means he is really emotional and will go where the waters take him,” astrology expert Michelle Fedrizzi told PureWow. “He needs a lot of emotional reassurance and to be nurtured and coddled. And with J. Lo’s busy schedule, she cannot give that to him — so he oftentimes will search elsewhere to fulfill those emotional needs.”

Affleck, on the other hand, doesn’t only share J. Lo’s Leo sun and Scorpio moon, but also her Mercury in Leo, which means they communicate in very similar ways. This is, debatably, one of the most important planets when it comes to compatibility. As writer and astrologer Jeanna Kadlec wrote for Autostraddle, individuals with this placement like to process situations with people they can trust — people who can validate their experiences. Two people who can do this for one another might just be soulmates.

While J. Lo’s compatibility with A-Rod was solid, she’s clearly on the exact same wavelength as Affleck — but who’s surprised? Only couples fated by the stars could find their way back to each other after their own respective marriages, kids, and 17 years.

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