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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are Instagram-official.

J.Lo Posted A Steamy Makeout Pic With Ben, So Bennifer Fans Are Losing It

It's 2002 all over again!

Chris Weeks/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Bennifer is Instagram official! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally shared their rekindled romance on social media just in time for J.Lo’s birthday. Unsurprisingly, the Internet exploded, and these tweets about Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram pic kissing Ben Affleck are all about celebrating the long-awaited reunion.

On Saturday, July 24, J.Lo took to Instagram to commemorate her 52nd birthday. She shared three pics of her posing in a bikini and robe on a yacht, but everyone was buzzing about the fourth photo: a sweet snapshot of Affleck and Lopez passionately kissing on her special day. “5 2 ... what it do ... 💗,” she captioned the post.

To recap: This isn’t just any celebrity reunion. The couple, who got engaged shortly after they began dating in 2002 and originally ended things in early 2004, were early aughts royalty. Fans first found out about their rekindled romance in April 2021, when Affleck was spotted visiting J.Lo shortly after her breakup with Alex Rodriguez and his breakup with Ana de Armas. They’ve been pretty open about their relationship since, and even appeared together in a July 23 video montage of actor Leah Remini’s birthday. But the pair hadn’t appeared on each other’s grids at all... until now.

As Twitter user @tatli_lizvl noticed, their kiss isn’t the only Bennifer reference in Lopez’s recent post! She can be seen posing with what looks like a framed throwback photo of the couple. Talk about a full-circle moment.

Although plenty of fans already knew about Bennifer 2.0, Twitter still exploded with the news they had finally gone IG-official.

Honestly, I’m really rooting for them, and they really seem like they could make things last this time around. On July 22, an anonymous source reportedly told People that the duo are “madly in love,” and Affleck feels very protective of their newfound relationship.

According to the source, this time, J.Lo has found “found someone who truly loves her” in Affleck, and Affleck is “very happy” to be with her. “She’s wonderful for him,” they added. You truly love to see it!