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Zoë Kravitz & Taylour Paige's Astrological Compatibility Is Smoking Hot

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If you haven't heard, Zoë Kravitz recently declared on IG that she and Zola actor Taylour Page are “a thing.” While she hasn't specified what that means any further, from the looks on their smiling faces in the accompanying picture, whatever else it is, it's a good thing. That makes perfect sense considering Zoë Kravitz and Taylour Paige's astrological compatibility, which pretty much makes these two a perfect pairing made in the heavens.

Kravitz is recently single after announcing her split with ex-husband Karl Glusman on Jan. 2. Paige's relationship status, however, is a little less clear. Last fans heard, Paige was dating actor Jesse Williams in 2018 and since they've made no official announcements about going their separate ways, it's currently a very undefined thing these two cuties "share." Regardless, consider me on board.

Kravitz was born Dec. 1, 1988, under the sign of Sagittarius, and Paige's birthday is Oct. 5, 1990, which makes her a Libra. When you put these fire and air signs together, things are going to get smoking hot — but also surprisingly sweet, too, because Sagittarius is all about passion and Libra brings a ton of heart. So, whether these two are just major bestie goals or (fingers crossed) much more, they're kindred spirits and their connection is a fierce one. Here's what else we can divine about their connection based on their astrological compatibility.

They share a lust for life.

Both Sagittarius and Libra are passionate about living life to the fullest. They want to see the world and experience all it has to offer. For Sagittarius, this comes from their drive to expand their worldview and a deep sense of intellectual curiosity. For Libra, this comes from their connection to the planet Venus and the appreciation for the beauty that comes with it. They want to see, taste, and smell everything beautiful, so they're driven to seek out new adventures. They're the perfect travel companions to go through all of life's adventures with.

Both lead with their heads a little bit of heart.

While both Sagittarius and Libra have plenty of heart, they're more excited by intellectual and sensual endeavors than emotional ones. They're thinkers and doers rather than feelers, which means they naturally fall into the same wavelength. They have an unspoken communication and mutual understanding that just makes this connection an easy one. They get one another on a deep instinctual level, which means it's easier to be softer and more intimate with one another.

A chill, drama-free connection.

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Perhaps best of all is just how relaxed and drama-free a Libra and Sagittarius “thing” is. They're both naturally optimistic and upbeat and are perfectly content to just let something slide and keep the vibe positive. Sagittarius can be a bit more blunt about what they're thinking and feeling, which can make Libra a bit uncomfortable, but for the most part they both avoid conflict and refuse to feed into negativity. As a result, this friendship (or romance) just feels good and easy-breezy.

While only time will tell if Kravitz and Paige’s “thing” will grow and become a little more defined, what is clear is that they have major chemistry and the stars are definitely on their side.