Your October Sex Horoscope Is Non-Existent — But It Doesn't Have To Be

by Valerie Mesa
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Intimacy is essential when you're in a romantic relationship, but there are several factors that play into it as well. Setting the right mood for you and your partner is everything, which is why your October 2020 monthly sex horoscope isn't as "sexy" as it could be, and there are a number of reasons why. Keep in mind, each transit affects everyone differently, depending on their birth chart, so don't overthink it.

There are a number of components to consider when looking to the stars for guidance on love and sex. As you can already imagine, Venus — planet of love, beauty, pleasure, sensuality, and seduction — is a key player in your love horoscope, the same way its interaction with Mars — planet of assertion, desire, energy, sex, and passion — reflects onto the dynamic of your intimate partnerships. Having said that, in addition to Mars currently retrograding through its sign of rulership, Aries — which is already to blame for the lack of desire happening collectively — the planet of love is currently transiting through meticulous Virgo, where it prefers to keep romance practical and detailed-oriented.

While there are a number of positive qualities stemming from Venus' journey through Virgo, its energy can only do so much, especially with Mars retrograde happening simultaneously.

Here's what October 2020 has in store for your sex life, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries: You're So Busy It's Hard To Think, Let Alone Relax

Don't overthink this, Aries. Your planetary ruler, Mars, is retrograding through your sign, which is enough of an alibi for you to kick back and take a well-deserved breather. Lady Venus is also igniting your sixth house of due diligence, so your mind is somewhere else.

Taurus: You're In The Mood, But You're Also Overwhelmed

Take some time for yourself, Taurus. Despite having your sultry planetary ruler, Venus, transit your flirtatious fifth house for the majority of the month, Mars is currently retrograding through your 12th house of sleep, secrets, and unconscious patterns. You're likely feeling out of touch with reality, so find your center.

Gemini: You're Demanding Everyone's Attention, Just Because

Make up your mind, Gemini. Mars retrograde is a real doozy, and it's currently highlighting your 11th house, and bringing focus to the petty drama happening in your friendship groups, along with your sense of belonging in the world. This could get in the way of your intimate relationships, so make sure to keep a healthy balance.

Cancer: You're Totally Consumed With Thoughts About Work

This vibe is ironic, Cancer. Pluto stationing direct in your partnership sector automatically charges up the sexual energy in your relationships, but with Mars retrograde highlighting your career sector, you're likely consumed with everything happening your professional life. Luckily for you, Venus in Virgo is here to help you communicate, in order to soothe tensions between the two of you.

Leo: Having Sex Can Help You Decompress From The Stress

Keep your eyes on the prize, Leo. Don't dwell on things you can't control. With Mars retrograde lighting up your ninth house of expansion, you're likely overthinking the future. Venus in Virgo is also shaking up your money sector, which adds on to the stress of how much money you're making. Don't let this stifle your confidence or sex life.

Virgo: You're, Ironically, Feeling Yourself More Than Usual

You always stand out, Virgo. Mars retrograde is actually working in your libido's favor this month, because it's activating your erotic eighth house of sex. Also, with gorgeous Venus sashaying through your sign, you're glimmering with charm, and sensuality. Self-love is a turn-on.

Libra: You're Keeping Secrets, Because It Makes It More Fun

Indulging in your passions for your birthday season, Libra? Mars is also retrograding through your partnership sector, which automatically ignites the fire between you and your significant other. Although, with Venus dazzling your secretive 12th house, you're likely smitten by a hidden agenda of sorts. Keep it to yourself. No one needs to know.

Scorpio: You're Working Non-Stop, But You're Still In The Mood

Get physical, Scorpio. Whether it be via exercise or in the bedroom, Mars retrograde is touching down on your sixth house of health, responsibility, and due diligence, so you're likely seeking both mental and physical validation. Pluto stationing direct also evoked something within you, so make sure you find the right outlet.

Sagittarius: You're Not Feeling Like Yourself Right Now

Don't stop doing you, Sagittarius. With the God of War retrograding through your passionate fifth house of love, creativity, inspiration, and seduction, you could be feeling a lack of desire, and in more ways than one. Venus is also lighting up your career sector, so you're likely preoccupied with professional matters.

Capricorn: Your Sophistication Is Sexier Than Ever

Your swagger is on point, Capricorn. With Mars retrograding through your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, you're wearing your emotions on your sleeve, and it's catching everyone off guard, but in the best way. Venus in Virgo is also bringing harmony to your ninth house of experiences, so don't hesitate to take some much-needed time away with your love.

Aquarius: You're Overthinking Everything, Including Your Sex Life

This is your cue to officially detach, Aquarius. With Mars retrograding through your pensive third house of communication, you're likely too busy overthinking everything from your relationship to your desire for freedom. Communication will set you free, so have the talk.

Pisces: You're Getting In Touch With Your Desires More

Way to go, Pisces. Despite being an enigmatic water sign, you're also an ocean of passion when you want to be. Mars retrograde is actually here to help you realize that, and with seductive Venus pirouetting through your partnership sector, you're feeling more connected to your partner than ever before. Use this time to explore your sexual horizons. It'll be worth it.