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Your October Full Moon Horoscope Is All About Rediscovering Your Passion


Are you ready for one downright chaotic full moon experience? There's a reason full moons are often associated with wildness and magic. This is when the moon — ruler of your subconscious and emotional inner world — reaches its fullest and most powerful state. It's also when the moon forms a direct opposition to the sun — ruler of your character and overall ego — which means your inner self and outer self are at war. While the sun captures everything that can be seen in the light, the moon is connected to everything hidden within the shadow of night. Thus, a full moon is known for the truth reaching the surface, and get ready, because your October 2020 full moon horoscope packs an intense punch.

The upcoming full moon takes place on Oct. 1 at 5:05 p.m. ET in cardinal fire sign Aries. Opposing the sun in Libra, this full moon represents the polarity of the Aries-Libra axis. Aries represents uninhibited expression of the self, the ego, and the "I." Conversely, Libra represents the desire for harmony, cooperation, and the "we." During this full moon, you may find a push and pull between your desire to own your intrinsic self and harness your freedom while also maintaining peace in your relationships. While your instinct may be to go with your gut and follow your impulses, you're also conscious of how that behavior may affect others and their opinion of you. However, sometimes, you just need to express your passion and pay attention to who appreciates it.

This full moon will be particularly chaotic because Mars — Aries' ruling planet — happens to be retrograde at the moment. Not only is Mars retrograde the rarest of all retrogrades, it's also forming a square with Saturn, planet of karma, boundaries, and time, increasing the frustration and the feeling that nothing is moving fast enough. During this full moon, you may feel as though something is forcing you to bottle up your emotions. Instead of allowing your energy to blast through and make a mess, how can you patiently and effectively redirect it?

Here's how each zodiac sign will be answering that question:



Who are you? That's the question this full moon is encouraging you to answer. How much of who you are has been decided by someone else? Are you letting previous versions of yourself dictate policy? You're allowed to change. In fact, changing is what life is all about. Take stock of how you feel now as opposed to how you used to feel.


There's a part of you no one will never truly understand. It's hidden in your subconscious and it subtly influences every aspect of your life. Dive deep into your subconscious and reflect on what you're still carrying within. It's time to forgive yourself and begin the process of healing. Acknowledge the pain and let it all out.


You have a wish that's coming into focus. You may be recognizing the impact you'd like to have on the world. Your passion extends not only to your own personal success, but also the success of others. There needs to be a deeper meaning behind what you wish for; it has to change the world for the better. What change would you like to make?


You've been dreaming and imagining the moment you win at something you care about. However, it's time to make that success a reality rather than a daydream you visit often. What's been holding you back from giving it a shot? Is it fear of failure? Fear of responsibility? Whatever it may be, facing your fear is better than allowing it to govern your life.

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Have you ever considered that you may not be looking at everything from the right angle? If you've been hung up on one small detail or imperfection, take a step back and consider the whole picture. There are opportunities, philosophies, and new experiences that await you. Let go of your former opinions and allow yourself to be changed.


When one thing comes to an end, another thing begins. It's the cycle of all things. You only have so much energy to give, and if you remained hung up on the past, you'll wind up wasting it. If a chapter is coming to a close, consider investing yourself in something new. You're embracing the process of deep spiritual transformation. So much is coming.


You're having a revelation about the relationships you hold close to your heart. You may be realizing which relationships are significant to you and how you can strengthen them even more. You may be seeing how you can be a better partner and demand the same from your partner in return. Let harmony, empathy, and trust lead the way.


Every major development in your life results from a simple decision. It's all cause and effect. What choices are you making in your life? What habits do you live by? Now's the time to rethink your day-to-day routine. How can you improve your life's balance between work and play? It's time to take better care of your mind, body, and spirit.



Do you remember what you were like when you were a child? How you allowed yourself to have fun and be silly without worrying what anyone thinks? You may have had to set aside this authentic and sensitive side of yourself as you grew up. It's time to harness the creativity and pleasure that your inner child continues to carry for you.


It's important to have lofty aspirations and a career you care about. However, it can never take precedence over your personal life. You may be realizing how you need to do a better job of nurturing your home life and replenishing your connection with your family. Let your heart lead the way and spread compassion where it counts.


Secrets are floating to the surface. Everything that wasn't communicated clearly (or intentionally) may be making itself known. This is teaching you how to maintain boundaries with what information you decide to share with others and what you decide to keep to yourself. Let integrity and loyalty be your guiding light.


During this full moon, your focus is drifting over to earthly concerns such as your finances and the level of practical stability in your life. This is a beautiful time to reconsider your budget, your spending habits, and how you can save for a rainy day. Ask yourself what it is you need versus what you want. Focus on a goal rather than your impulses.