Your November 2017 Horoscope Reveals What To Wear This Month For Stellar Results

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Fall is hither and taking no prisoners. Inhale the aggressive aroma of pumpkin, embrace the low-key holiday panic, and kick back to read your November 2017 horoscope for style. Here we all are, trying to make sense of what to wear, and how to suddenly seem more responsible in front of judgmental relatives on Thanksgiving.

I’ve already had my existential crisis regarding holiday music in department stores, so we’re right on schedule. Mercury hits retrograde in December, so be prepared for a lot of gifts in the wrong size/color/decade. It would behoove you to shop early this year, or paint your face with the blood of your enemies and bypass convention completely. Whatever you decide, I support you.

And, I figure, we have enough to worry about right now, what with the world exploding around us and all. So let the movement of the planets and the stars guide you into some seriously kismet fashion/beauty inspiration. What do you have to lose? You’re already eating cold pasta out of a pan over your sink. Happy November, butterflyheart.

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I hope you take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and flex it out. Accept your flaws, and the season, and all of the complicated tangles in your life. You’re doing great — and remember, December is a new month, in which holiday music is actually appropriate.


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Break out the shoulder pads or whatever it is we’re all supposed to wear to try and close the wage-gap because Aries, this month is all about professionalism and career advancement. If you’ve been thinking of a new business venture, or jumping ship on a job that sucks the marrow from your corporate bones — now is the time.

Wear comfortable and professional outfits that can transition from work to the bar/underworld/wherever you meet people these days. Consider outfits that layer well together such as tights, skirts, and sweaters. You want to feel in control this month to make maximum impact of your rising signs.

Given your fire sign, you can sometimes come on a little strong. Good. To cull the weak of the heart, try a red lip. (A little advice: Blue undertones in red will make your teeth appear brighter and reduce the whole Pennywise vibe, if you’re afraid of scaring potential business partners.)

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You have a bright financial forecast this month, which does not mean Happy Hour at Applebee's. Use that money to further strengthen your financial portfolio by paying off debt, or adding to your savings. You’ll be glad you saved yourself some financial strain sooner than you think. Flexibility is important for you, and you may tend to focus on friends and family more than on your own personal ambitions. It’s important to have clear boundaries and reduce stress however possible to protect your health.

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This month, you may find yourself gravitating towards athleisure wear. Because of the focus on flexibility, try putting those yoga pants to use and stick to an exercise plan that makes you feel good. Bring yourself back to makeup basics and re-evaluate your skincare routine. Do you feel good in your skin? Are you missing something?


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Mercury is a cruel mistress, and she is not merciful to Geminis in November. Rude, but OK. Anyway, Geminis would do well to not get too attached to results, and to allow relationships and opportunities to unfold organically. To which I reply HAHAHAH until I foam at the mouth and eat cold pasta over my sink. (In case you can’t tell from my neurotic prose and general frantic aura, I’m a Gemini.)

This month, Geminis might experience an upsurge in social interactions. As such, they might be inclined to trot out some bold, fun patterns. Get loud. Take up space. It’s your birthright. I’m thinking beads and glitter. Maybe a faux fur coat or faux fur loafers (the cute, but also like you stepped on a squirrel variety) that make people ask themselves existential questions, like Why am I here? What is my purpose?


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Virgos' attention to detail will be tested this month, as turbulence and exciting news heads your way. We know you love your conservative and well-planned aesthetic, but consider trying something new this month. Your drive to complete tasks with exactitude can lead to a dull fashion life more focused on function. Good fashion accomplishes both — it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

You don’t have to go HAM, but try a new hairstyle or wear something on the outer edge of your zone of proximal development. The key is trying, even when the results are unknown. Pair unexpected colors, or mix textures to experiment with dimensions.


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You sweet, intuitive souls. This year has been huge for you, inclusive of big and small changes alike. This is not a great month (or year, if I'm being honest) for romance — but that doesn’t mean that other relationships aren’t just as meaningful.

Focus on comfy clothes that swaddle you up. That doesn’t necessarily equate to sweats and old t-shirts with toothpaste stains. Consider a return to basics. What do you like, Cancer? What is it that you want?

Wear that.

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Your lionhearted self has to be careful not to succumb to the ego, and you might be finding this particularly difficult as year-end looms closer. Take care to be reflective this month, reviewing your actions and motives.

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This month, try bringing forward your own unique look. Show off your figure, your face, your body. Let yourself be yourself without window dressing or pretense. You are enough with or without the accoutrements. (But also — buy some trendy-again hoop earrings. Trust me on this one.)


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Partnership is important to you, and in the midst of cuffing season, you might be feeling particularly in need of a nearby warm body. As comfortable as it is to lose yourself in a new relationship, or devote yourself to an existing one, make an effort to work on yourself, too. Your keen intellect craves good books and interesting discourse. Honor that, and make sure your needs are met.

Libra, I want to see you shine this season. Pair gold and silver jewelry with soft camisoles and denim and chunky knit cardigans. I’ve been really digging these lightweight sneakers, which are made from 11 water bottles retrieved from the ocean, that’ll serve you well in trips to matinees and the library.


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Usually cool, calm, and collected — this month might have you reeling. You might notice yourself feeling an upsurge of energy this month, getting your holiday shopping done early or immersing yourself in projects and new responsibilities. Revel in it. Try to stay mindful that this energy is not forever, and enjoy it and the motivation in the moment.

I see Scorpios wearing a lot of long coats and pants with tapered legs. Don’t be afraid to mess with braids and spend a little more time on your hair this month. You’re going to be in a lot of photos, and it’s more important to look happy and healthy than your usual sleek perfection.


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This will probably come as no surprise to you, but this month is a great time for travel. If you have a trip already planned, be prepared to soak in new culture and ideas and don’t be afraid to make new friends and say YES. If you don’t have travel plans, scour the internet for cheap flights and let your imagination guide you. Your wandering heart is not a mistake — it’s a calling.

Versatile clothing that doesn’t wrinkle in a carry-on is going to be your go-to this month. Remember: black jeans go with everything, and chambray tops are as comfortable on the plane as they are at the Louvre.


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Always practical and on the lookout for a good deal, November is a month of cleansing for you. From clothes to relationships that no longer serve you, this holiday season will not be about accumulation. I want you to start focusing on quality. From thrift stores to infinity and beyond — spend money on yourself. You are worth a shampoo that doesn’t turn your hair to straw.

So treat yoself. Buy a new coat that fits you so well it feels like a cozy extension of your own body. Find a cashmere sweater that feels like a hug from your favorite aunt who always wore cool motorcycle boots and sundresses.

You can’t take your cash with you when it's all over, Capricorn.

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You’ve been hard on yourself lately. From your body to your style, you may find yourself comparing your look to others, wondering why it seems so easy for everyone else. (It's not.)

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Speak up this month. Say what you feel, even if other don’t like it. Wear chokers and necklaces that make your neck feel strong to open up your throat chakra. You don’t have to be likable. Wear lipstick that makes your mouth ready to speak, to stand up for yourself. Build a home in your truth this month, Aquarius. We want to hear what you have to say.


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Music is your spice of life, and November brings with it new bands and groovy tunes. You may be feeling artistic, or conversely, guilty for not spending more time working on creative projects, like music or writing or underwater basket weaving. Drop the guilt. Life, lived fully, is art. You just need to make the time to translate it.

You set the trends this November season. Use fashion and makeup as a base to promote free-thinking for your creative hobbies. Just because you’ve always dressed the same doesn’t mean you have to. Try overalls or an off-the-shoulder sweater dress, and tall boots. I’m feeling a very '70s vibe for you this month. Embrace it.

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