5 Empowering Ways Red Lipstick Can Boost Your Confidence And Help You Succeed

by Fernanda Calvo

Ah, red lips. According to color psychology, red is the color most associated with passion, action and energy. Red represents confidence, lust and in some cultures, it represents luck. No wonder there's something so sultry and divine about a woman who wears a bold red lip.

I've heard women say they're afraid to rock red lips because it will attract too much attention.

Truth be told, that's the point of red lips. The lip color is meant to be seen and admired, and no woman should ever feel like they don't deserve to be seen and admired. Rock a red lip, ladies, whether it be for these reasons or your own.

1. Red lip color was made for queens.

History tells us the first group of people to come up with the idea of lipstick was the ancient Mesopotamians. The women of Mesopotamia crushed stones to create a very early version of this classic lip color. The people of ancient Egypt followed the trend soon after, and perfected it by combining wax and carmine to create a bright paste used as lipstick.

Cleopatra was a user of this mixture, and I don't know about you, but when I think of old Cleo I think, she was probably a fine woman. She had to have been. Both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, two of the most powerful men of the time, weren't able to resist her.

I swear it was the red lips. It may seem silly to some, but there are so many little things women can do to feel beautiful, and this is definitely one of them.

Red lips help you bring out your inner queen. When a woman feels royal, she feels confident, and nothing is sexier than a confident woman.

2. Red lips can give you an edge in the workplace.

Procter & Gamble funded a study on cosmetics and perception of women in the workplace. It found that makeup can increase perception of a woman's likability, trustworthiness and competence, in and out of the workplace. Another study found that waitresses who wore red lipstick got higher tips from their male customers.

Red lips also tend to boost a woman's self-confidence, which could in turn lead to better performance in the workplace.

3. Red lips are both classic and classy.

Red is a color that never goes out of style. It's one of those shades that simply can't turn uncool. All of the most beautiful and stylish women in Hollywood and in the music industry have worn a bold red lip at one point or another.

Women like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift have all incorporated red lips into their make-up routines and they have all pulled off this color with grace and class.

4. Red lips give life.

I was once on a 6 am flight to Barcelona from Paris. On the flight, I saw this young Parisian lady, who looked like she had just gotten to the airport half-alive after a long night of partying and drinking. The plane took off and about an hour later, it landed in Barcelona.

When it did, I saw the girl again, but this time something in her face had changed. She looked beautiful and refreshed. She had done something to her face to help her shed the tiredness.

I couldn't put my finger on what it was that had altered her appearance, but then I figured it out. It was her red lips. In Paris, her lips were nude, but upon landing in Barcelona she had changed her lip color to red. Her face looked youthful and full of life again.

Women are currently taking over the world, meaning we all have less time to sleep. A red lip can help you look like you're not only owning your life, but it's effortless.

5. Red lips get attention.

OK, so I know we're all modern women who do things to feel good and not necessarily to attract attention. Still.

Compliments boost self-esteem and and red lips attract compliments. And I'm not just talking about male attention. It is so empowering when a woman on the street stops me to declare she loves the shade I'm wearing.

Red lips make people look at you and that little ego boost that you get from all of those looks and compliments feels great.