10 Fall Athleisure Pieces You'll Want To Wear Even If You Have No Intention To Work Out

by Julia Guerra

If you looked through my closet now, it would probably surprise you to learn, once upon a time, I was very much a tomboy. Up until high school, my morning routine consisted of rolling out of bed, throwing on a pair of jeans, grabbing a basic t-shirt, and completing my outfit with an oversized hoodie. It wasn't so much that I didn't have an interest in fashion; I just preferred being comfortable all day, every day. Before college, comfy-chic wasn't a thing, but once the #FitGirl aesthetic gained popularity, everyone wanted to figure out how to wear fall athleisure trends, regardless of whether or not they were actually athletes.

For real though, athleisure is awesome, and I'm not just saying that because I've always preferred sneakers to heels. Fall athleisure trends in particular are my absolute favorite because, somehow, so many brands have found the secret to balancing street style, workout attire, and chicness in a collection of cozy, festive pieces.

Women -- especially millennial women -- like to make the most of the mere 24 hours we're allotted per day, so as much as we enjoy looking good, we also appreciate not being late for work due to a wardrobe malfunction, or having to lug around gym clothes on top of a brief case.

And, for the record, athleisure is not lazy, friends. It's convenient, and it can absolutely be stylish. You just have to shop around for the right items. Here are a few of my favorite athleisure pieces that'll make you look and feel your best this fall.

1. An Olive Tee


Alala Seamless Long Sleeve Tee, $80, Spring

Olive green is such a beautiful shade for fall. It's dark, but not brooding, and looks fantastic against fall foliage if you're staging an Insta shot.

Alala's long-sleeved army tee is designed with a seamless construction, while the mesh detailing on the shoulder, back, and forearms creates a stylish contrast that proves this isn't just a top made for throwing on, getting sweaty in, and tossing in the wash. It's a versatile piece you can match with a pair of skinny jeans and chunky boots for an edgy aesthetic.

2. Comfy Sneakers


Allbrids Women's Wool Runners, $95, Allbirds

White sneakers aren't autumnally exclusive; the right pair can and should be a staple piece in your wardrobe.

Allbirds is a new-to-market brand inspired by co-founder Tim Brown's exposure to merino wool growing up in New Zealand. Brown teamed up with San Francisco-based engineer Joey Zwillinger to create a collection of shoes that can be worn to class, work, or out on the trail.

3. A Tote That Meets All Your Needs Big Canvas Tote, $25,

I know how obnoxious it can be to not only have to sling your laptop bag over your shoulder, but to also drag your gym bag at your side en route to the office.

The solution? Consolidate both worlds in one fabulous tote.'s grid design is super chic, while the moss green and baby pink handles add a fun pop of color.

The best part is that this lightweight canvas is completely durable, eco-friendly, and can be used at work, the gym, or even as a grocery bag.

4. A Cardigan Jacket

New Balance

New Balance Studio En Route Jacket, $139.99, New Balance

Doesn't this jacket just look so comfy?

Whether you're on your way to yoga class, or just meeting some friends for brunch, this bad boy is the definition of athleisure, because it's appropriate for every casual occasion, and can even be worn in a chilly office space.

5. A Cozy T-Shirt Dress

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga Weekend Hoodie Dress, $120, Beyond Yoga

Bottomless brunch with bae or your BFF is meant to be lax, so why not dress the part?

Beyond Yoga's weekender comes in the form of a hooded gray dress made with that just-out-of-bed feel, without looking like it. Add a pair of clean white sneakers, and you're good to go.

6. Cropped Pants


Lululemon New Form Crop, $98, Lululemon

This '60s trend made a comeback in the '90s, a slight cameo in 2015, and now Lululemon's redefining culottes on their own terms with the brand's New Form Crop.

A word for my petite readers: You are never too short to rock a pair of culottes -- you just have to know how. This pair can look professional with a short button-down or cropped sweater like the one photographed, sleek flats, or pointed-toe heels. The comfortable waistband and cotton-blend fabric give these pants that perfectly sporty aesthetic.

7. A Versatile Bodysuit


Aerie Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $20, Aerie

Body suits are another trend that seems to come and go out of style, but when it comes to all-in-one outfits, they're definitely a staple for your collection.

I love this particular body suit from Aerie because of its snap bottom detail (which makes everything easier in the bathroom, ladies), long sleeves, and breathable viscose fabric.

8. An Adjustable Hat


Nike Perforated Women's Adjustable Golf Hat, $19.97, Nike

I follow a lot of fitness vloggers on YouTube, and I've recently noticed many of them sporting baseball caps in the weight room. Personally, I think the image of a strong woman working the barbells with her ponytail cascading through the back of a black hat is pretty badass.

But you obviously don't have to be a gym rat to hop on this trend. Slipping it on on your way out to do errands or go for a jog in the park will still look awesome.

9. A Simple, Stylish Top


Athleta Luxe Pose Top, $69, Athleta

My goal for fall 2017 was to find shirts I could just throw on, look cute in, and head out the door. My closet is full of layering pieces -- which are obviously everything for autumn -- but once in awhile, it's nice to not have to think so much about what you're going to wear.

The Athleta brand as a whole is amazing for athleisure gurus, and their Luxe Pose Top has to be one of my favorite pieces from their wardrobe. The scoop neck and side slits are little details that make a big impact, while the thumb cutouts really capture this piece's athletic aesthetic.

10. Vintage-Style Pants

Free People

Free People Ebb And Flow Pant, $98, Free People

Have you ever seen a more beautiful pair of pants?

Reminiscent of something our mothers would have worn in the '70s, the modernized vintage ruffle cut on these pants is described as "incredibly soft."

Though it falls under the Free People movement collection, made for activities like yoga and dance, I can definitely see women effortlessly flaunting the flare with heels and a crop top.

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