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Mercury Retrograde Is *Finally* Over In Your Nov. 2 Weekly Horoscope


If you've been paying attention to the astrology as of late, you're probably thinking, "Enough is enough, already." When will things finally start to get good again? Truth be told, astrology is a never-ending roller coaster ride and just when you overcome one hurdle, another one is already waiting for you just around the bend. Your November 2, 2020 weekly horoscope reflects the nature of this perennial truth, and even though positive news awaits you, there's still so much work to be done. After all, the sun is in Scorpio — the zodiac sign of transformation — and in order for a transformation to take place, a sacrifice must be made.

Remember to give yourself a hug and honor yourself, because you've already been through so much. In fact, just last week, you experienced what could possibly have been the most electrifying full moon of the entire year. Chances are, strange things have happened and revelations that you never could have predicted have taken place. You're still processing all of these emotional shifts, so give yourself time.

Fortunately, the universe is starting to give you a break, because Mercury retrograde will come to an end on Nov. 3 at 12:49 p.m. ET, while the messenger planet prepares to move forward once again in cardinal air sign Libra. For the past few weeks, you've probably endured awkward miscommunications, inconvenient emotional breakdowns, and an overall sense of strange foreboding. Even though aggressive Mars retrograde is still underway until Nov. 13, at least you've got one less inner planet retrograde to worry about.

However, just because Mercury retrograde is over doesn't automatically absolve you of all the weirdness. Thanks to the fact that Mercury will immediately turn around and form a tense and debilitating square with Saturn — planet of limitations and boundaries — on Nov. 6, the communication crisis is far from over. In fact, you might spend this week feeling as though nobody is understanding each other and nobody is thinking straight.

But enough about the bad. Let's remember some of the good, because Venus — planet of love and luxury — is still in her home sign of Libra, and this week, you get to enjoy the fruits of Venusian pleasure without overthinking it. This transit will soften and charm your relationships, smoothing out your ability to flirt and socialize. It's also helping you remain fair-minded and diplomatic whenever you encounter conflict. Pick your battles and count your blessings when you can.



There are many things that may be bothering you about your relationships; many reasons you may feel as though you can't relate to others. However, there are also so many reasons to love the partnerships in your life. You may be prone to extremist thinking, so try to be open-minded to the way others feel about the situation. Try not to get so lost in your idea of who's right and who's wrong.


You may feel as though you're dragging your feet and you're having trouble just mapping out a plan and getting it done. A small task could feel like moving mountains. So don't think of it in the daunting way you're thinking of it. Translate these tasks into something exciting; something that will break the monotony. A new technique or outlook could inject some inspiration into your situation.


Has the world lost some of its luster? Do activities and hobbies that once brought you joy suddenly bore you? There's a strong change it's not that everything has suddenly become less interesting; it's more that you have lost interest. So try something else, something to get you out of your intellectual, judgmental mind and allow you to enjoy the moment fully. Play around. Don't overthink it.


Something is standing in the way of your comfort. There may be an issue waiting for you at home that continues to weight you down. It could be that pile of messy, unfolded laundry or a conflict you never got past with a family member. Whatever it is, it's not going to go away on its own. It's time to take active steps to solve the problem. Accept what's in your control and make use of it.



Your anxiety may be overwhelming. Something may be haunting you or troubling you and as you continue to turn the facts over in your mind, the negative thought spiral just gets worse. Here's the thing: You probably don't have all the facts. Make sure you're not taking one small sliver of the story and allowing your imagination to piece together the rest. Seek further information before making a judgment call.


If your self-esteem has felt weakened or diminished recently, ask yourself what you're basing your self-worth on. What qualifications need to be met before you'll approve of yourself? Just like love in all things, self-love must be unconditional. You will never fit into anyone's idea of perfect, least of all your own. Do yourself a favor and work on making yourself the safest place to be yourself.


You may feel extra judgmental of yourself lately. You might even be picking apart every simply gesture or comment that you make, worrying what others will think of you. Here's the thing: No one is paying attention as much as you think, and if they were, they'd be the weird ones, not you. Besides, life is so much easier (and more fun) when you stop caring what other people think.


You may have spent some time imagining how things should have gone or could have gone. You may be wondering why things went down the way they did, and letting go of the past might feel harder than ever. Now's the time to prioritize forgiveness, both of yourself and of others. Forgiveness does not mean letting it all back in, it means releasing the guilt and the pain from your heart.



You might feel angry that so many things are unfair. You might feel frustrated by all the injustice in the world, by all the lack of compassion. Let this anger fuel your heart. Let it inspire you to be the change you wish to see in the world. Just because the problems are so much bigger, than you doesn't mean you can't make a difference. All great movements begin with one brave individual.


You might feel weighed down by so much failure. You hold yourself up to such high standards and the fact you may have failed could be discouraging you from ever trying again. However, if you give up now, you might be giving up when you're this close to finally succeeding. One more push could be all it takes. You don't want to be the person who gives up right before they're meant to succeed.


There's such a vast, beautiful world out there, and yet, you might feel trapped right where you are. You may feel frustrated by how stagnant and unmoving you feel. Chances are, there are so many opportunities to expand that exist right before you. All you have to do is open your mind and take a chance on something far outside your comfort zone. Break down the walls holding you back.


It may feel exceptionally hard for you to open up; to let someone know you on a deep, intimate level. You might feel scared of what you might find when you search through your shadow self. But the fact that you're feeling afraid is precisely why it's so important that you explore these shadows deeper. When you face your fear, it will cease to have power over you. Once you face it, you'll leave it behind.