How To Know If Your Best Friend Is Really The Monica To Your Rachel


You're pretty lucky, if I do say so myself, because you have a best friend who's always there for you. (*Cue the Friends theme song and the claps that go along with it.*) When you want to order two pizzas — aka, the "Joey special" — or hang on the couch in wedding dresses on a Friday night, she's the first person you call. When you need advice on taking a job across the world, or help navigating your health insurance policy, she's your "lobster" for those situations, too. But, how do you really know if your best friend is the Monica to your Rachel? Well, you'll know a few things to be true.

You're probably not new to the Friends scene or the entire gang. So, I won't bore you with episode recaps or "moo" points. I will, however, remind you of the greatest moments between Monica and Rachel. There was the time when they lost their apartment in a trivia game against Joey and Chandler, and the time they switched the apartments back when the guys were at a basketball game. There were fights over taking out the trash, and the happy tears over weddings, pregnancy announcements, and maid-of-honor fiascos.

Are you reaching for the tissues just thinking about all the mems? Me too. You're also feeling lucky, though, because some of those moments are all too familiar. Your best friend is the Monica to your Rachel because these five things are so true.

She's Your Favorite Roommate
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For an avid fan of Friends, like you, living in a purple apartment in the city with your best friend has always been a dream. So, in college or right after, you and your "Monica" moved into a cute place above a coffee shop and called it your own.

Together, you put a picture frame around the peephole on the door and discovered your favorite eateries in your section of town. To this day, she leaves you notes on the bathroom mirror and folds down page corners of magazines, so that you can easily flip to stories you might like.

You can't imagine living with anyone else. I mean, it would be the "end of an era!"

She Teaches You About The "Real World"
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Probably one of the most iconic lines from Friends is in the first episode. Rachel, after deciding not to get married, runs into Monica at Central Perk and restarts her life. She moves into the apartment, cuts up her credits cards, and officially becomes a part of the "real world." In that moment, in the middle of the kitchen, Monica turns to her and says, "Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You're gonna love it."

You and your best friend know from your own experience that it's not that bad. But, you're grateful to have this "Monica" in your life, because she teaches you a lot about how to be an adult. She helps you with everything from cooking chicken to writing resumés. Phew! What would you do without her?

She Goes Along With Your Wildest Ideas
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Your best friend, or the Monica to your Rachel, always goes along with your wildest ideas. You want to throw a going away party for someone you don't know, just to hang out with the person you're crushing on? She'll say, "Sounds good!" You want to use her health insurance for an ankle injury? Well, she won't agree to that because it's illegal. But, if she could, she would! (It's the thought that counts.)

Yes, she really goes along with it all, because she's your partner-in-crime. She knows that if the situations were reversed, you'd try her weird "mockolate" recipes and play fun and organized games with her, too.

She Gives You Relationship Advice On The Reg
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Sometimes, when you're crushing hard, you need your best friend to step in with great relationship advice. You need her to tell you if going after your new love interest is a good or bad idea, and the rules of fooling around with a friend. A majority of the time, you listen to what she says, because she always has some solid advice on the situation.

That's why you could consider her the Monica to your Rachel. This best friend duo dealt with their fair share of awkward first dates and dating scenarios. There were the "I love yous," balcony kisses, and age differences. They went through it all together.

She's Always Around For Your Milestones
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Whether it's a big milestone or a little victory in your life, your best friend is always around. She's there for when you land your dream job or successfully get the pizza box down the trash chute. She'll be there when you maybe get married, have a baby, or successfully make an English trifle all on your own.

She cheers you on, offers some happy tears, or stretches her hand out for a high five every step of the way. She's truly the Monica to your Rachel, simply because there's never a situation when she's not there for you. You're pretty lucky, huh? OK, now pass me a slice of that pizza.