If You've Had A Bestie Since Forever, You Know These 7 Things To Be True

Growing up, you and your best friend were two peas in a pod. You were partners-in-crime and rarely did anything without the other. You started secret clubs together on the playground, and wouldn't get on the swings unless there were two available. Your teachers referred to you as a "package deal," just like Miley and Lilly from Hannah Montana. Nowadays, not much has changed. This girl is still in your life, and will likely always be. You know a few things to be true when you've had a best friend since forever — through the thick and the thin.

This girl was there when you needed a buddy during recess. She was your dance partner in the talent shows, and the person sitting in the passenger seat when you wanted to spend a Saturday night just jamming to some music in the car. She hopped from one social circle to the next with you, and helped you navigate the drama of your first relationships and classroom crushes. There's not a day that goes by that you're not grateful for her.

The truth is, it's rare to find your other half, and a friendship that thrives through all of life's adventures, and deals with the curveballs. You're lucky to know these seven things to be totally true, because you've had a bestie since forever.

You Don't Mind When Things Change

You and your bestie have faced a lot of change thus far, and still have a lot more to go. You've found new friend groups, gone from middle school to high school, and maybe even had a long-distance friendship when you had an internship on the other side of the country. But, through it all, you were excited and not nervous about "what's next."

Having her consistently by your side has made life much easier. You know that no matter how many miles are between you two, or how many times things change, one thing will remain the same: your friendship that's built for forever.

You Always Stay True To Yourself

Your bestie knows you like the back of her hand. She knows when you're being flakey, or not 100 percent honest about where you want to go to dinner or what you want out of a relationship. Nothing gets by her.

So, you always stay true to yourself, simply by having her in your life. You say exactly what's on your mind, and don't try to beat around the bush when you find yourself in sticky situations. What would you do without her?

You Reminisce About Everything

Walking down Nostalgia Lane is a common occurrence for you and your bestie. One second you're talking about your favorite television shows, and the next you're reminiscing about old episodes of That's So Raven and Lizzie McGuire. She says, "Remember when you used to come over my house after school and we'd have pretzels and hang on the couch for hours?" Um, yes, of course!

Soon enough, you're pulling out old yearbooks and photographs from when you were kids. One perk of having a bestie since forever is having memories with her from five-years-old, up until now.

Doing Things Without Her Just Isn't The Same

Having a bestie since forever means that even when she's not with you, she kind of is. She'd know what you're thinking in every unique situation, and laugh at the same things that you do.

You also know that this girl will always be down to adventure with you, and chase your wildest ideas. You send her a text saying, "Hey, let's go check out this new diner," and she's already sending back a thumbs up emoji.

In the instances when you do have do something solo, you can always think of her and laugh about something. Spending time with yourself is so important, but sometimes, you'd much rather make some memories with your bestie.

You Have A Second Family

Sharing is caring, right? That's why you and your bestie share everything from snacks to siblings. Over the years, you've gotten really close with her family and vice versa. You know that you have an automatic invite to every reunion, big dinner, or holiday party — no questions asked.

You argue with her brothers over the television remote like they're your own, and have her parents on speed dial. Every once in a while, she comes home and you're already hanging in her room.

You Don't Have Any Personal Secrets

You and your bestie tell each other everything. From talking about your periods in detail, to sharing your secret crushes and lengthy text message convos — there's not a topic that you two wouldn't cover over some ice cream in your pajamas.

So, there is one thing that you know to be true: You don't really have any personal secrets or things that you keep to yourself. Every embarrassing moment or story? She's been there. Every weird food combination you've tried, or ridiculous thing you've done? She knows about it, and wouldn't tell a soul. What's discussed between besties, stays between besties.

You Quit Searching For Your Person

When you've had a bestie since forever, you know that you've already found your person. You've found the one who understands how your brain works, and everything little thing about you — from your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt, to which romantic comedies will make you cry happy tears. What more could you ask for?

Yes, one day you'll likely fall in love and get married, or be a part of a relationship that's totally dreamy. But, no matter what the future holds, you know that you have your person by your side — since forever, and for always.