8 Things You Discover About Yourself The First Time You're In A Long-Distance Best Friendship

This decade of your life is about change. You may already have gone away to college, moved to a new city, or immersed yourself into the field of your dreams. Along the way, you're undoubtedly finding out who you are as a person, and the things you can't live without. From day to day, you don't notice much of a difference in how you change. You have similar routines and still send the same text messages to your bestie on the weekends. But, when reflecting over the past few years, you realize how much you've matured — and how much things have truly changed. For example, this is the first time you're in a long-distance best friendship, and you're quickly realizing some sweet things about yourself. *Cue the gasps.*

Who knew that you were capable of handling so many situations on your own? Normally you would ask your bestie's opinion on that first date outfit or the new sushi place down the street in your hometown. But, now that you're doing the long-distance thing, you can't rely on her for input 24/7. You have to go with your gut, and channel the confidence you have whenever she's in the room. (There's just something about her that brings out the best in you.)

You love talking on the phone and FaceTiming her. You just never had to rely on keeping close that way until now. Without your bestie physically by your side, you're observing these eight things about yourself and watching life unfold.

You're Capable Of Handling Situations On Your Own

Whether it's the good, the bad, or anything in between, your bestie has always been there — literally. She's been at your apartment with a pint of ice cream to contemplate the latest episode of The Bachelorette, or to dissect the details of a recent breakup. In those moments, you've always been so grateful to have her right there. What would you do without her?

Well, you're quickly learning the answer to that question, which is: You get through everything just fine. No matter how far away she is, she's still there for you. And you're realizing that you're stronger and more capable to handling situations independently than you gave yourself credit for.

You Have A Lot Of Inside Jokes With Your Bestie

Without your bestie, you're realizing that a lot of your sense of humor revolves around inside jokes. You hang out with your other friends, and still have a great time. Everybody's laughing about that time in high school when something truly embarrassing happened, or a meme from the group chat. But, then you make a reference and realize that nobody else gets it, but your bestie definitely would.

Together, you two have so many memories that it's hard to remember where some jokes began. Long-distance aside, you know she'd be laughing with you if she was there.

You're Actually Great At Making New Friends

When your bestie moved away (or vice versa), you were a little nervous about making new friends. How would you ever find someone who loves mac and cheese the way you do? Help!

At first, it didn't seem like anyone could replace or even come close to your bestie — and that may be the case. But, you're learning that you're pretty social and good at making new friends. You landed a work wife in your office, or got close with the girl in the apartment next to yours. It just took an open mind and some casual conversation.

You Don't Mind Talking On The Phone

Being in a long-distance best friendship means that you don't have access to your bestie at all times. She's not hanging in your apartment for the season premiere of your favorite shows, or available for lunch dates and coffee breaks. So, the conversation topics rack up pretty quickly.

You keep a running list of all the things you need to tell her, because sending individual texts is exhausting AF. Then, at the end of the day, you give her a ring and talk for hours. As much as you may complain about the awkwardness of phone calls, you secretly love dialing her number and getting the latest scoop.

You're So Ready To Plan An Adventure

Adventure is calling your name now that you're in a long-distance best friendship. And you have to answer, because memories with your bestie are on the other side. More than ever before, you're ready to get out of your comfort zone and explore with the person who's always been down for grabbing that passport stamp. Truth is, now that you're apart, you two have the greatest reason to hop on a plane and see the world.

Together, you want spend a weekend in her new city, or maybe take a trip where you meet halfway. The options are endless, and you're learning that your bucket list always includes her.

You Actually Enjoy Spending Some Time Alone

As much as you love your bestie, long-distance has given you some time to yourself. Your schedule is lighter now that you're not going on coffee dates every weekend, and you're focusing on your passion projects. It's refreshing, and preparing you to have zero regrets in the next decade of your life.

With your bestie always by your side, you didn't necessarily have the space or reason to find yourself and what sets your soul on fire. You now have time to explore your interests and get involved in clubs and groups that appeal to you. You're also learning that no matter what, your bestie supports you and what you do — and that's a beautiful feeling, too.

You Will Always Be Close With Your Bestie's Family

Your bestie's family might as well be your own. You can walk through the door, open the cabinet of snacks and start eating, and they wouldn't think twice. You can hang out with your bestie's siblings without her in the room, and it wouldn't be weird. That's just how close you are with her and every aspect of her life.

When you first started this long-distance best friendship, you weren't sure if that closeness would change. Can you still go to the movies with her mom, and text her younger sister? Absolutely! And you're learning that that bond is pretty sealed, too.

You Don't Let Distance Get In The Way

The main thing that you're learning about yourself in this long-distance best friendship is that distance doesn't get in the way of true friends. Your bestie could be on the other side of the world, in an entirely different time zone, and it wouldn't make much of a difference.

In fact, you still manage to talk every day and see each other fairly often. In a perfect world, you would be back in the same city or living in that purple apartment from Friends.

But hey, who knows — that might happen down the road. Life constantly changes, and you're learning and experiencing more every day. That's what this decade and your first long-distance best friendship is all about.