Having Zero Regrets At 30 Means You’ve Mastered Doing These 9 Things Alone In Your 20s

What you quickly learn in your 20s is that there's a big difference between doing something alone and being lonely. Doing something alone means that you're having quality and much-needed "me time." You're finding space to grow, learn, and make memories with the one person who should always be your best friend: you. Over the course of this decade of your life, you realize that having zero regrets at 30 means mastering a few things in life without someone else by your side.

Let's start with the basics. By now, you've probably been told that you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Everybody's on their own path and enjoying life in their own way, including you. Someone you know from high school is about to get engaged, while the other is traveling the world with love and relationships barely on their mind. Your version of your 20s may not be the same, and that's totally OK.

Being able to do some things by yourself will show you that you're creating your life one day at a time. You're living it up in your 20s, while slowly preparing for your 30s — which is closer than it may seem. Get ready by making sure you've mastered doing these nine things alone, right now.

Eating In A Restaurant Or Coffee Shop

Eating alone in a restaurant or hanging at a coffee shop by yourself is actually really rewarding, and you've gotten the hang of it. You've sat down and enjoyed your food, and gone at your own pace, all while watching the people around you.

There's always one person who's having a deep conversation, and you can't help but listen in. They're talking about people from high school, or the latest drama in their life. In your defense, they're talking really loud. So, you continue to listen, and then go back to your book or work you may have brought along for the adventure. *Sips tea.*

Calling And Making An Appointment

In my opinion, making an appointment on your own is one sign that you've mastered this decade of your life, and are ready to take on the next one. Let's be honest: That phone call to the doctor or dentist can be intimidating. At first, you weren't quite sure what to say, or what numbers they're looking for on your insurance card. You've sent texts like, "Um, Mom. Can you come help?"

But, once you made even just one appointment on your own, you began doing things for yourself. You took charge and started being an adult about even the simplest things, and that's going to help you live life with no regrets in the future.

Staying In On A Saturday Night

Staying in on a Saturday night and spending some quality time with yourself is easier said than done. So, if you've mastered this task, then here's a round of applause. *Cue the claps and cheers.*

Truth is, you've not only figured out how to entertain yourself and when to say "no" to plans. But, you've also faced your FOMO and opened up an entirely new door of possibilities. Suddenly, you have more time to do the things that make your soul happy, like make music, watch documentaries, or anything in between. (That's sweeter than any cherry on top of a cocktail, if you ask me.)

Going To A Wedding

Your 20s is a weird time in your life, because some of the people you know start getting engaged, married, and having kids. You may be one of them, or you're just living your best single life. There's no "right" place to be when it comes to relationships and love, right now.

Amongst all of these showers and bridal events, you've attended a wedding without a date, or rode solo to a bachelorette party. At first, this seemed totally awkward and uncomfortable. But, you realized that it's not bad when you're dancing with your besties until the break of dawn. Regrets? Never heard of them.

Taking A Fitness Class

Taking a fitness class by yourself is an experience. You're laying out your yoga mat at the gym, and finding inner peace in a room full of strangers. In addition, you may be attending a spin class, and attempting to reach your personal goals while being part of a group. In either of these scenarios, you find a new atmosphere that's focused on you and your connection to others.

If this sounds familiar, then you've truly mastered getting involved in your community, or the art of trying something new. That's essential as you go into the next decade of your life, to make sure that you don't miss out on anything coming your way.

Making A New Friend

Friendships come and go in your 20s. You may lose touch with girls from high school, or besties from college who moved away. It's inevitable, but you've mastered making new friends all on your own.

You got involved in a club, and found someone who shares the same passions as you. Maybe you landed a work wife within the first week of your new job, or met a bestie thanks to another bestie, and grab coffee with her on the weekends.

You learned to go with the flow, approach people with a kind and open mind, and make conversation. And so, your 30s will be filled with lots of fun and little regret.

Hopping On A Plane

Navigating an airport and hopping on a plane by yourself is something you've mastered in your 20s. You've figured out how to get through the security lines efficiently, and check your bags at the gate. More often that not, a bestie is waiting for you at your final destination. But, this whole experience can still be defined as "doing something alone."

Coming from someone who travels a lot, getting through train stations and catching flights is the hardest part. You've learned that it takes some trust in yourself and what you're capable of. Now, going into your 30s, nothing will be getting in your way.

Picking Out An Outfit For A Date

The group chat you're in with your besties is always busy when somebody is going on a date. They're trying to pick out an outfit, and need help deciding on what boots look best. Everybody gives their opinion, and sometimes it's taken to heart. Other times, it's completely ignored, and your friend wears what she wanted to originally.

In all of this chaos, you've learned to pick out your own outfits at times and wear what you love. Getting a second opinion is never a bad thing, but sometimes you just have to own your style and find that inner confidence. Going into your 30s having mastered this? Girl, you're good to go.

Living In Your Own Space

When you're in your 20s, your living situation might be all over the place. Some years, you're in a dorm room at college, and others you're back at your parent's house. You move out and get your own apartment, or sign a lease for a studio in a city on an entirely different coast. It's a one-of-a-kind decade, and who knows where you'll end up!

But, when you've lived in your own space for a while, you've mastered being able to do things alone. You've figured out how to pay bills on time, and cook a meal for yourself. You've also spent time with yourself on a casual weekday night.

Going into your 30s, you will have zero regrets, because you know who you are, and that you're capable of doing something alone. Are you ready for the next decade? Well, you may be more than you originally believed.