7 Ways To Enjoy Being By Yourself, If You're Living Alone For The First Time

So, here's the situation: You just got a new apartment, or maybe a cute loft in Los Angeles. (Any New Girl fans out there?) It was a dream to finally move out, and you're as excited as ever. Also, you're living alone. That's right, for the first time in years you're not going to have any roommates. You'll have neighbors, and your friends will likely come and hang on the reg. Otherwise, your time and space is all yours. You may be wondering how to enjoy being by yourself, because it's not so straightforward. This is all brand new to you.

You really got used to having roommates in college. So, living alone for the first time feels a little odd. There's nobody to hang out with when you're eating your waffles in the morning, but you can also sprawl out all over the couch and not worry about having to save a cushion for someone else. (Phew! That really was such a struggle.) You've discovered that being able to walk around your apartment without pants on whenever you want is really such a blessing. Maybe this won't be so weird, after all.

There's actually a lot of beauty in being able to enjoy time spent by yourself. If you're a social butterfly, you may hate the idea. Hear me out, though: There are seven ways you can enjoy your new apartment and alone time. It's all about you.

Put On Your Favorite Music

When you're hanging out in your new apartment and trying to enjoy the time you have to yourself, put on your favorite playlists. Maybe don't blast it super loud; you don't want to bug your neighbors, after all. Turn the volume up a little to create your ideal atmosphere.

Personally, I love putting on alternative music when I'm cooking, and a little R&B when there's laundry or cleaning to do. I've curated so many playlists over the years, and just rotate them depending on the situation. Even when you're not alone, your favorite music is a must. So, assume that enjoying some solitude wouldn't be any different.

Hang Up Lots Of Art

Odds are, you'll spend a little bit of time in those first few months roaming around IKEA and Target for various home goods. Be sure to pick up a print or a painting for your wall while you're there.

These little touches make your alone time much more enjoyable. When you have a bunch of blank, white walls surrounding you, it gets sort of boring. Your space feels emptier, and you're in desperate need of something to brighten it up and show off your personality. So, seriously — put some pictures up, please.

Keep Your Fridge Stocked With Your Favorite Snacks

Being by yourself means that you get to buy all of your favorite snacks and really stock up your fridge. In college, you may have needed to share these communal spaces with your roommates. But now, you have every shelf to yourself, and can load them up with whatever you like.

You can buy the big tubs of ice cream and not worry about taking up too much space in the freezer, and maybe cook your meals in advance and put them in cute, labeled containers. Not to mention, having a fully stocked fridge will be perfect for when your friends come over to see your new place. Can I get an invite?

Take Yourself Out For Coffee

Coffee shops are the best places to go if you're new to an area and need to get out of your apartment. Truth is, living alone can get a little lonely, and being around other people (even if they're just strangers for now) is sometimes all you need to find peace in your solitude.

If you're moving to a big city, there's going to be a spot for caffeine on every corner. You'll find your favorite, and maybe sit at the counter and just watch the crowds come and go. Soon enough, you'll be one of the locals and the barista will know your order. Now it really feels like home, huh?

Tune Into The Same TV Shows

Just because your living situation is different, that doesn't mean you can't stick to some of your usual routine. In fact, tuning into the TV shows you used to watch with your roommates will make your new apartment really feel like home.

You may decide to FaceTime your friends, so that you can watch Food Network together, and comment on all of the contestants on Chopped. Sure, you shouldn't sit around every night, but stay connected with your crew by keeping up with the Kardashians and then talking about it later in the group chat.

Put Plants In Your Space

Personally, plants are my favorite kind of roommates. I loved living with my friends and eating breakfast with them in the morning. But there's just something about waking up to a few succulents sitting in your window that will continuously brighten your day.

It'll make your space feel livelier, and also give you something to take care of on the reg. You could get a pet, but some apartment complexes don't allow them, or it may be too much responsibility if you're still getting settled in. Put an ivy in your kitchen, or try and grow a daisy from just a seed, and you'll enjoy living alone a lot more.

Make Space For Your Passions

Living alone means that you can do whatever you want with your space. You could have an entertainment center, or maybe turn that spare room into an art studio. The decision is completely up to you.

If you want to truly enjoy being by yourself during this time, then I'd focus on your passions. Create an office for yourself, or set up a corner that can be used for photography. Now more than ever, you have the time and a place to dedicate to your dreams. There's nothing saying you can't be like one of those super successful entrepreneurs who started in their garage and ended up being a #girlboss.