Why "Me Time" Is The Most Important Part Of Your 20s

What they don't tell you about being 20-something is that it's OK to be selfish sometimes. You're chasing after your own dreams and creating a path for yourself. You'll need a lot of "me time" to figure it all out. There's a lot of pressure that comes with surrounding yourself with people. You might not feel like you can totally be yourself, or find that you're following a crowd into a Saturday night plan you seriously didn't sign up for. That's why "me time" in your 20s is so important, and something we should always make room for in our schedules.

Whether you're traveling solo, or are soaking up as much time as possible in the shower before you have to face your roommates again — the moments you can keep to yourself are crucial. If you're an introvert, then you're probably a pro at personal space and love when you can snuggle up in bed to recharge. Extroverts don't quite have as much practice in this area, and might find it harder to disconnect from getting social and being busy every day. Like anything in life, it's all about balance.

The goal is to get in touch with yourself and focus on what you really want out of this world. Even just five minutes in the morning can mean the world when it comes to "me time." Here's why it's such an integral part of your 20s.

You Go With Your Gut

There's something to be said for trusting yourself. Especially when you're 20-something and trying to make big decisions, being able to channel your gut is so important. You want to make sure every path you take is the one that's best for you, and not just because somebody in your crew chimed in and said otherwise.

When you give yourself some solo time, you can finally channel that inner compass you've been looking for all along. Filter out the thoughts and feelings of everyone else, and let your gut take the mic. It will speak loud and clear.

You Slow Down

You love your girl crew, but when we're in the company of others, we tend to be on such a high. We're talking at a mile a minute and giving our people undivided attention. While we're at it, we waste so much energy rushing around, and spend much less time focusing on the present moment.

Having "me time" here and there lets your mind and body slow down for a second and soak in what's actually happening around you. You get the chance to disconnect from the rest of the world. When our planners are so packed, getting this time away from the chaos helps put things in perspective.

You're More Forgiving

That new perspective might make the mistakes you've made (and will continue to make) a lot more manageable. "Me time" gives you a minute to step back and forgive yourself for not having it all figured out. Truth is, there really isn't an adult in this world who knows it all, and that's totally OK. Disconnecting from the drama and competition is key, especially for your own self-care.

We can easily compare ourselves to others when we're surrounded by our friends talking about how they just got into grad school, or are already moving into their own apartment. Having time to yourself lets you realize that you're following your own path, and that's exactly where you should be.

You Put Yourself First

When you're so passionate about your people, you might forget to put yourself first. This can happen in new relationships, when you're so caught up in caring for another that you may forget to find your own adventures, too. You feel like you always need to compromise and spend loads of time together. Landing some "me time" will remind you to focus on yourself and your passions, too.

Putting "you" first isn't being selfish. When your friends are going out to the bar on a Saturday night and you're just not feeling it, that's OK. Even leaving yourself out of roommate drama when it's finals week and heading to a coffee shop to study can be called a bit of "me time."