9 Petty Games You Shouldn't Play In Your 20s, Because You'll Be Happier Without Them

Welcome to the world of happiness and drama-free living. Please leave your pettiness at the door. Yes, put any gossip in the gutter and trash talk in the garbage where it belongs. There's just no room for anything like that here, and you'll soon realize why. There are some petty things you shouldn't entertain in your 20s — because you're so much better than that.

Let's talk about what you're currently doing. Maybe you're having some passive-aggressive conversations with your roommates over the space in the fridge, or you might be getting involved in gossip that's not your own — and you're not questioning your thoughts or actions one bit. Instead, you're letting yourself complain and argue with life, and then wondering when the chaos is going to slow down. Spoiler alert: Pettiness is like a steam train, and you're the conductor. It's not going to stop unless you put some effort into pushing the right buttons, or choose to go down the right track.

Sure, what's right and what's wrong can sometimes be a grey area. Especially in your 20s, how are you supposed to know exactly when to get involved or steer clear? Take my advice, and don't entertain these nine petty things.

Having Passive-Aggressive Conversations

Passive-aggressiveness doesn't do anyone any good. It's those moments when you're frustrated with your best friend for never showing up on time, or your roommate for leaving her dirty dishes in the sink. Instead of confronting the situation like an #adult, you might make a somewhat sarcastic joke or say, "Aw, you used that pan? I was going to cook my dinner with that."

Girl, quit the game ASAP and just say how you feel. It's always best to speak your mind, and being respectful and open gives you much better results.

Getting Involved In Gossip

Picture this: Somebody starts sipping tea at the table next to you in the coffee shop, and you can't help but tune in. Suddenly, you know all the details of this person's relationship drama and start spreading it to your best friends in the group chat. Weren't you supposed to be getting work done? Whoops — and now your cappuccino is cold, too.

Do yourself a favor, and don't get involved in the gossip. Walk out of the room, and remember that karma exists and is very real. The more people who join the conversation, typically the more complicated the situation gets. If it doesn't alter your life in any way, move on.

Playing Dating Games

When you're in your 20s, you may begin considering your relationships a little bit more. You want to settle down, or find someone who adds something positive to your life. In my opinion, that requires not playing games and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Sure, dating is kind of one big game of cat and mouse sometimes. You chase after love like a little kid playing tag in their backyard, and wander the world looking for your soulmate. But, then you find exactly what you're looking for, and make it more challenging than it has to be. You get flakey, or pretend to be nonchalant. Stop that right now, and give this thing a chance. Rejection is tough, but bottling up, "I love you," is worse.

Judging Someone Else's Life

Let me tell you a secret about life: Nobody has everything figured out, including you. Sure, you may be a pro at adulting, or understand the chemistry behind the most complex potions (Shoutout to Hermione. You go girl.) — and that deserves one huge pat on the back. But, that doesn't mean you should start judging someone else's life that may look a bit different than yours.

Be proud of yourself, but also be humble. Realize that you make mistakes, and have your petty moments, too. You're only human! Welcome to the best club around.

Spread your knowledge, self-love, and strength. It will make the world a better place.

Being Rude For No Reason At All

Being rude is just pointless. Sometimes it's a result of stress or frustration, and other times you may snap at a friend for no reason at all. Please, think before you act or speak, because those words can set the tone for the entire day (or longer).

Think about the last time you went holiday shopping: The line was long, and you were super hungry. You wanted nothing more than to go home. The person in front of you seemed to be buying the entire store. In this moment, you pushed patience and understanding to the side and made a rude remark.

Maybe you felt instantly guilty afterwards, and apologized. The stress is understandable, but start preaching some kindness, OK?

Focusing On Your Phone Instead Of The People In Front Of You

Hold yourself and the people in your life accountable when it comes to phones. Some of us have become so reliant on our devices, that we forget the real world exists. Let's be honest: You've sat down at a family dinner or made plans with your best friends, and focused more on the screen next to you than the conversation. (Guilty.) But, it doesn't have to continue to be that way.

Don't entertain those situations, and set some ground rules. Make yourself available to the people who are in the room. Just like that, some pettiness in your life is gone.

Having No Patience For Things You Can't Control

Patience is a virtue. And if you're trying to not entertain the petty things in life, then you should learn to embrace the beauty in every moment. Yes, the line may be really long, but now you can call your best friend. Somebody might not like your new outfit, but it makes you really happy, so everything's OK. See what I did there?

Learn to let things go, especially the things you can't control in life — like traffic, the weather, and the past. It's happening or already happened, and complaining your way through the moment doesn't do yourself any good.

Complaining About Anything And Everything

Pettiness starts with looking at the glass half empty, instead of realizing it can be half full. It's finding something to complain about in every situation, and causing drama everywhere you go. Take a deep breath, and then let's do better.

Take control of your happiness, and radiate positivity to the people around you, too. Sure, sometimes life can really throw you some tough curveballs, but there's almost always a bright side. Ditch phrases like, "The grass is greener on the other side," and water your own patch of the lawn. Watch it bloom and become something beautiful.

Taking Life Too Seriously

Being petty is often considered a childish move. It's not owning up to your thoughts, opinions, and feelings — and dodging the tough stuff in life. In that way, yes, you shouldn't act like a kid. But, you should also learn when to embrace the little one inside of you — when to not take life too seriously.

These are the moments when you're making mistakes or doing something hilariously embarrassing, and could use a good laugh. Some people don't know how to find humor in those situations, and will cause drama instead. Don't entertain them, especially in your 20s.