If You Think "The Grass Is Greener," Make These 7 Changes Immediately To Your Life

Girl, you love to think that the grass is greener on the other side. You've filled your mind with these thoughts, and spend most of your weekends wallowing over the life you want to live. Truth is, you aren't even giving yourself a chance, and that's problem number one. You have everything you need to change your situation and create something beautiful for yourself right before your eyes. It just starts with ditching that phrase, and all of those other negative feelings, at the front door. If you think "the grass is greener" on the other side, you need to make these changes as soon as possible.

What's on the other side that's making it so green? Is the girl who's watering the grass traveling the world, pursuing her passions, or just seemingly so content with her life? Maybe she's in this dreamy relationship, or got into a really good grad school program. Well, it's understandable why you'd want to be that happy and inspired, too. What's not so straightforward is why you're waiting to pick up the watering can.

Yes, that's right — I'm calling you out for what you're not doing, but can be. You could curl up in bed and watch the world go by, or you could take leaps into the unknown, and find everything you're looking for. Simply get curious, grateful, and get going. All it takes is making these seven changes in your life to realize the grass is green wherever you go.

Leave Your Jealousy At The Front Door

Your jealousy is the biggest obstacle standing in your way. It's making every aspect of your life seem dull, and putting tensions on a lot of your relationships.

One of your friends might have launched a business, or took a tropical vacation, and you just can't feel happy for them. You find yourself wallowing when you get home about how you'll never be able to do the same things. Leave those thoughts at the front door, and know that you have everything you need to get to where you want to go. Jealousy will seriously hold you back, so kick that feeling to the curb, now.

Stop Saying You'll Do It "One Day"

When exactly is "one day?" You use this phrase all the time, but it's honestly just an excuse. Yes, down the road you may have more money or vacation days to pursue your plans, but you can't always count on the future to be exactly what you expect. In fact, the only thing you know is what's happening right now. So, let me ask you: In this moment, are you following your dreams?

When you start going after what you want, and not just leaving it on the back burner, the grass becomes green on your side. Suddenly, you're the girl who everybody is looking up to, and things start to fall into place. All it takes is a change in your language, and then naturally your mindset, too.

Make Conversation As Much As Possible

The more you talk to people, the more you'll realize that the grass is really the same shade for you and that girl next door. Most of us have faced a lot of struggles to get to where we're supposed to be, or felt confused about our purpose on this planet. You're really not alone — and when you think about it, that's so comforting to hear.

Listen to the stories of your favorite bloggers, and how they got started. Make conversation with the shop owner down the street, and let them tell you about when they were your age. When you're 20-something, it's easy to think that you'll never get to that point in life. But, you likely will and with flying colors.

Embrace A Curious Mind

Curiosity is everything when you think the grass is greener on the other side. It starts with conversation and then moves into actions, reactions, and creating something for yourself. (Hear me out on this one, OK?)

Essentially right now, you're stuck in a single mindset. You need to challenge your thoughts and see what else is out there in the world. Does your best friend's lawn really look that vibrant? Well, go out and see why it is that way. Ask questions, tend to your own grass, or plant new seeds that you think may be even better. All metaphors aside, you'll find yourself living a life that was meant for you, and learning tons about how the world works.

Ditch Social Media For A Week

Ditch the screens and start looking toward all the life that's around you. Sure, at first glance, it may seem like you're not doing anything #instaworthy. Your backyard isn't necessarily a sunflower field, and you don't have any trips planned for the rest of the year. That's entirely OK — don't let the 'Gram get to your head.

Truth is, you started letting likes and followers take charge of your life. You got attached to the bloggers and photographers who make every moment look so picture-perfect, and forgot about the reality that's going on behind the scenes. Those photos have filters to make the grass look greener. Don't be fooled, and get off social media for at least a week.

Be Grateful For The Now

Being grateful is key to enjoying what you have right now, and letting go of whatever's happening on the other side. There's always going to be someone in this world who has is better or worse. If you're a daydreamer, in particular, you're likely never going to be totally satisfied with your current situation. But, that doesn't mean you can't find happiness and peace in it.

Constantly thinking that the grass is greener must be exhausting. You need to bring yourself back down to Earth, and realize that everything you have can be enough. The universe has you right where you're supposed to be and will make sure you take the leap and go toward the future. Your job is to just enjoy the now.

Take The Leap As Soon As Possible

Taking the leap is key to living the life you've always dreamed. It's about facing your fears, embracing good risks, and jumping into the unknown with everything you got. You're going to face obstacles and people who don't believe you're doing the right thing. Maybe you're leaving behind some family or friends for a new city, or completely changing your career path for something you've always been passionate about. Please, go with your gut and don't let the noise keep you from doing what's best for you.

The second you take a chance (just like these eight real women), you'll feel your life drastically change. You'll realize that the grass is greener on your side, and that you made it that way. Feels good, huh?