7 Ways To Take Control Of Your Life Right Now, Because It's Yours To Live

Your life is yours to live, so why aren't you treating it that way? Up until now, you may have let others decide your path. You've been trying to figure out your passions, or even where in the world you truly want to be. But, it all got so overwhelming, and now you've found yourself settling for something that doesn't feel quite right. Maybe your family told you what to major in at school, or your friends have made the decisions. You need to know some ways to take control of your life ASAP, so that you can start living a life you love.

You know better than to give into peer pressure. Sure, when your entire crew wants pizza on a Saturday night, and you want to grab sushi, the odds aren't really in your favor. Hear me out, though: I'm talking about taking charge in aspects of your life that are much bigger than takeout food.

These are the moments when you need to have a little confidence, and be fierce with what sets your soul on fire. It's easy to just go with the flow, but you'll soon realize that you're not truly happy or living to your full potential. Everybody has their own path, and you need to create yours. It won't necessarily be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it. These seven things will help you get started, because the time to take charge of your life is now.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early might seem impossible, but it's a great way to take control of your life. Right now, you're probably hitting snooze on every single one of your alarms. You've tried putting your phone on the other side of the room, and letting the sun wake you up in the morning. Nothing has worked, though, and you're wasting a lot of your own time bundled up in blankets.

Now, I love sleeping in on a Saturday, too. But, living your best life means seizing every moment on this earth. At first, you may need to grab an extra cup of coffee or even squeeze a nap into your schedule. That's OK — the fact that you got out of bed and decided to do something rad means you're already taking charge.

Hold Your People Accountable

Don't let people walk all over you. Sure, holding your friends and family accountable for their actions can be tough. You have to face situations head-on and not be afraid of a little confrontation. But, more often that not, it ends up working out for the best.

It forces the people in your life to practice respect and integrity. Maybe you have a friend who constantly flakes on your plans, or has gone back on their promises to you. Calling them out on it will not only keep it from happening again, but let everyone know that you're not messing around with your time and commitments. The second you start taking those little things a bit more seriously, you'll be much more in charge of your life.

Share Your Opinions

Your opinions matter, and if you start sharing them, then you're well on your way to taking charge of your life. Like holding your friends accountable, speaking your mind may not come naturally to you. Sometimes you're nervous that you'll ruffle some feathers, or just grin and bear a situation instead of being honest with how you feel. Yes, there are times when it may be best to keep your thoughts to yourself. But others, it's important to be part of the conversation and not always take a back seat in your own life.

Especially when it comes to decisions, or even just simple plans that affect you and your daily life, it's key to step up and let your voice be heard. More often that not, you have something to say.

Be Decisive

Being in your 20s, there are a lot of decisions that come your way. You have to decide where you want to live, what passions you're going to pursue, and what people you're going to surround yourself with for it all. You could crumble under the pressure, or you could learn to be decisive. To me, it's pretty clear what will lead to the better outcome.

When you put your life decisions in the hands of someone else, you're no longer living an adventure that's meant for you. Yes, making these choices can be hard, and you might pull out a pros and cons list. But, it'll feel good to have answers to those questions you should always ask yourself.

Focus On Your Funds

There's truly a lot to be said for being financially independent. In fact, I've found that it's probably one of the best (although not always easiest) ways to take charge of your life, especially in your 20s.

When you graduate college, you're likely pretty broke. Books and weekends out with your friends definitely added up. So, you might move back home until you have the funds to get a place of your own. You'll land your first job, and want to spend some time building a budget — considering all of your income and expenses so that you can get to where you want to go. Once you have those goals in place, and then achieve them, there's not much stopping you from living your best life.

Get Comfortable With Being Alone

It's going to sound cheesy, and probably a little cliché at this point, but being comfortable with who you are as a person is essential to living your best life. Maybe you'll have to take a trip solo, or just do some soul-searching in a coffee shop. The second you find that confidence, though, you'll be unstoppable.

Truth is, you have to be in touch with yourself to know what you need and want out of life. Otherwise, you're just making choices based on what everyone else thinks, or settling for something quite average. Spend time with you, and enjoy that solitude so that you can start taking charge.

Know Your Worth

Odds are, you've yet to have taken charge of your life because you're doubting yourself. You don't know your own worth, and it's key that you realize it before moving forward.

You should know what you deserve when it comes to your relationships and friendships, and not be afraid to expect the people in your life to step up to your standards. Not to mention, you owe it to yourself to do things that make you happy and become everything you've ever dreamed of being.

Taking charge of your life can be intimidating, but I promise you have the strength and energy within you to make it happen. Don't waste another second of your time, because there's a life you'll absolutely love waiting for you on the other side.