7 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer About Your Life By The Time You Hit 30

Nobody has all of the answers in life, but you're probably pretty proud of yourself for how far you've come. Somewhere along the way, some of us got the hang of adulting and began to appreciate the unexpected things that come with being 20-something. There were challenges and curveballs, but you made the most of them and are hopefully looking forward to what's next. Turning 30 is quite the milestone, and there are a few questions to answer about yourself once you get there, to ensure you're living your best life.

Your 20s is all about figuring things out: where you want to live, what kind of career path you want to pursue, and how to call the doctor and make your own appointments (without the help of your parents). You're not going to have all of the answers, especially when you first graduate college. You might feel pretty lost and spend some time wandering the world to find your exact passions and priorities. That's OK, as long as you're asking yourself some questions along the way.

Truth is, there's a lot of adventure ahead of you. You wouldn't want to miss out on a second of it, so encouraging yourself to have experiences and try new things will help you become who you're meant to be.

Have You Fallen In Love?

Whether it's with someone or something, you should ask yourself if you've fallen in love. There are so many lessons we can learn from adult relationships and handling our emotions. We understand ourselves better because we know more of what we want out of a partner, and we're also taught how to be part of a team. It's all about compromise and communication.

Honestly, falling in love is quite the adventure. Experiencing it before you turn 30 is amazing, not just to figure out more about yourself, but to make life as interesting as possible.

Have You Tried And Failed?

Trying and failing is just part of life. Whether it's in your friendships, or maybe at your job, you're bound to make some mistakes. You're human, after all. Don't beat yourself up when you come face-to-face with failure, and always keep pushing forward.

Being able to say you've failed, but also picked yourself up and showed some perseverance by the time you turn 30, tells the world you're passionate and humble. Like Hannah Montana says, "Nobody's perfect," and your failures will only make you stronger moving forward.

Have You Lived On Your Own?

Living on your own is a huge step that some of us take when we're 20-something. You may have spent your days in college dreaming about renting that chic loft in Los Angeles, or the studio apartment in New York City with your besties. Is there a Central Perk nearby? You're looking to become a regular.

Aside from moving to a new city in the United States that brings you so much happiness, living on your own teaches you responsibility. It truly turns you into an adult. You and your roommates can't totally rely on your families or universities to fix the broken water heater, or stock up the fridge with fresh groceries. By the time you turn 30, you should be able to say you've faced the real world and rent checks, all on your own.

Have You Been Proud Of Yourself?

Some say high school can be the roughest years because of all the drama, but they forget to mention that becoming an adult can be tricky, too. When you reach 30, you want to be able to say you're proud of yourself. Maybe you landed your dream job after graduation, or just successfully cooked yourself a killer chicken dinner without burning it. At first, this question might sound super cheesy, but all of your accomplishments are worth a pat on the back.

Have You Let Go Of What Other People Think?

Like Fleetwood Mac says, "Go your own way." The girls who once sat at that exclusive lunch table in high school are having their own experiences, and you're embracing your own path in life, too. Truth is, following the crowd is never the way to go. Your passions are your own, and people will admire what you're doing with your life because you put your personality into it. Letting go of what other people think will ultimately make you so much happier.

Have You Been Bored?

In the moment, being bored is truly the worst. You sit on your couch for hours scrolling through social media, or settle on watching TV instead of enjoying the sunshine — but boredom can be looked at as a challenge. Life is only going to be what you make of it, and when you find yourself dreading your current situation, it's time to get creative.

By the time you hit 30, you'll want to be able to say you've made the most of certain moments. You've taken charge of your life when it felt unfulfilling, and pushed through to find passion and adventure in even the ordinary.

Have You Been Living A Life You Love?

It's so fulfilling to genuinely admit you're living a life you love. Sure, not all of the puzzle pieces may be put together, because you're still figuring a lot of things out. However, if you're able to see the bright side in even the worst situations and are laughing on the reg, then that probably means you're doing better than you believe.

When all is said and done, you really just want to be in love with your life. You want to wake up every morning knowing that this world can be so beautiful, and that there's always a reason to grab your favorite cup of coffee on the way to work and see what else is in store — especially after turning 30.