Which U.S. City Will Bring You The Most Happiness, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Oh honey, it's time to go home! Being 20-something means you're in the constant search for what sets your soul on fire. You want to find a place or a person that understands you on every single level, and leaves you happy over the little things. We wander to all corners of the earth looking for what we're really passionate about, and when we find it, we're oh-so-happy. Often, we take some time in the post-grad life to locate a new city that we can call home. The universe somehow has it all figured out, including which U.S. city to live in, based solely on your star sign. There's one place in particular that'll have you following all your dreams in no time. Shall we?

Seriously, get your suitcase packed, because you don't want to waste another minute feeling stuck wherever you currently are. It's natural to be burnt out on your hometown after awhile, and you can always come back if this new place isn't absolutely perfect. (Although, the stars have a pretty good feeling that you'll fall in love with it, if we're being totally honest.) But, it's always better to try and see what else this world has to offer.

You could spend some time trying to get out of your comfort zone, or you could buy those plane tickets that say "one-way." Happiness is based a lot on your perspective, and changing your scenery is key to reaching the stars. So, let's see what the universe has in store.

Aries: San Antonio, Texas
roamingrico on Twitter

Aries, you have a big personality. So, you need to live somewhere that's just as bold as you. You'll fit right in with the incredible crowd that comes with this city's culture.

When you first move there, you'll want to see historical sights like the Alamo, and take an afternoon stroll along the River Walk. But then, follow your feet just a few steps to the Main Plaza where everything is really bustling.

When you're feeling your competitive side come out, find some new friends and catch a Spurs game. Sports will surely always break the ice, and you have an unlimited amount of energy for your team at all times. Truth is, anything less than average wouldn't do when it comes to your happiness in this life, so moving to San Antonio seems about right.

Taurus: Cincinnati, Ohio
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Taurus, you're really responsible. So, you may not have considered moving to another city yet, because you're devoted to your life wherever it may be right now. Maybe you have a really good job, or your family is close by — but, if you really want to be happy then you need to set your sights on Cincinnati.

This city will feel like home to you because it's honestly so welcoming. With zoos, aquariums, and art museums all around, you'll always have a place to take your visitors and do some serious exploring. The Findlay Market will speak to your star sign, which appreciates any job that's done with your hands, and you'll love cooking with all the fresh ingredients you can find during a day downtown.

Gemini: New York City, New York
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The Big Apple is calling your name, Gemini. You love wandering around your spaces and discovering things close to home. The pizza place down the street is where you've made some of your most legendary memories, and you remember conversations you had in coffee shops like Central Perk in your own hometown. But, in New York City, you'll surely never run out of spots to see something new, and you'll so easily adapt to such bustling new surroundings.

If the bright lights weren't inspiring enough, living life in a studio apartment with your besties sort of seals the deal. It's like all of your Friends dreams come true, and you can't wait to let your curious side come out to play. Maybe you'll meet someone like Joey, or even run into Rachel herself! There's bound to be at least a few stars in your presence, and every friend group needs a Phoebe, after all.

Cancer: Honolulu, Hawaii
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Cancer, you need to go to a place like Hawaii to find all of your happiness. All the love and good vibes you're forever going to be looking for are settled in island life.

It's like Lilo & Stitch — nobody gets left behind, right? Your emotions sometimes get the best of you, and it takes you awhile to feel really close to anyone in your crew. You've been putting off moving to a new city because you know the struggle of making friends in your 20s is all too real.

Especially for your star sign, you need to find somewhere truly sweet. Honolulu will have unlimited amounts of fresh pineapple pizza, so that part is covered, and the friendly locals will make this place feel like home sweet home. It's hard not to open up when you're surrounded by so much natural beauty that your imagination will really run away with.

Leo: Los Angeles, California
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You're going to be seeing stars, Leo. Los Angeles is without a doubt the city that will have you feeling the happiest. You love the bright lights and energy already, but also need those beautiful beaches that places like New York City just can't provide. On the weekends, you'll probably take up surfing, or have a bonfire with all of your new friends. Moving to a new city is seriously going to be a breeze for someone with your star sign, because you're always so effortlessly social and ready for a lit Saturday night.

While you're living there, you'll definitely want to check out at least one of the cool walls on Melrose Avenue for a rather legendary 'Gram. Nothing brings out the brightest parts of your personality quite like a hot pink wall or diving into the sprinkles at the Museum of Ice Cream. You'll feel right at home for sure.

Virgo: San Francisco, California
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Get into a golden state of mind, Virgo. Like a Leo, the stars have assumed you'll fit in with the California vibes. You're an earth sign who truly loves the outdoors, and nothing will speak to your soul more than the natural beauty of a city along northern part of the coastline.

Of course, you'll have to be a tourist and see the sights like the Golden Gate Bridge and the house where Full House was filmed. The cable cars won't always be so practical, but you'll appreciate the details in the colorful houses and how thoughtful the universe was to put you in a place surrounded by national parks and the redwoods.

Libra: Washington D.C.
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Let's keep the peace, Libra. Your life is incredibly based on balance, and you're happiest when all the stars have truly aligned. Those moments when you can settle drama between your besties, or just sit back and put your feet up on the dash, are when you're truly at ease and can take a deep breath. Sure, you could go to somewhere quiet and quaint. But, if you're looking to live the city life, then Washington D.C. will be the place for you.

Yes, it seems a bit cliché that the U.S. capital is where you'll be happy. Someone as diplomatic as you might have your passions already based in politics, and you do your part for justice every day. Visit all the historical sights, such as the Washington Monument or the Smithsonian, and be a part of history as it's made.

Scorpio: Portland, Oregon
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Find all of your passions in Portland, Scorpio. Life is like one big love story for you, and you're looking to make only the best memories wherever you go. If you could take a Polaroid picture of all those moments that felt so perfect they could be in a movie — well, you'd travel back in time for that. But, being happy is about looking forward and soaking up everything in the present. According to the stars, you need to move to a place that's just as creative to find your soul sisters and the like.

Portland is bustling with a little bit of everything. You could walk through the arts district in the afternoon, or link up with some photographers and visit Multnomah Falls just outside of the city. Breweries and coffee shops are calling your name. You'll for sure be OK with staying in this artsy city for a little while.

Sagittarius: Santa Fe, New Mexico
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The stars can see you in Santa Fe, Sagittarius. Full of amazing markets, this city is the capital of New Mexico and the one the universe wants to you to head to right away. Truth is, you're always traveling and looking for new adventures. Getting outside of your comfort zone is something that you're really used to, and you have the passport stamps to prove it.

This city will be so perfect for you to explore, and it'll give you a once in a lifetime experience. Spend an afternoon visiting the Georgia O'Keefe Museum and check out all the adobe-style architecture. Life is supposed to be like art, so you should surround yourself in it.

Capricorn: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Capricorn, you're all about tradition. You truly love going to weddings just because of what they symbolize, and you can't wait for the holidays when you can hang out with all of your close family and friends over unreal dinners. Finding a new place to live has always sort of been on your mind, but you can't quite imagine leaving those moments behind. The beauty, however, of finding a city that really knows you best, is that you'll make a ton of new traditions and feel right at home.

Philadelphia isn't all about cheesesteaks and the Eagles, but you'll appreciate being surrounded by such dedicated fans of both. Life by the Liberty Bell will be pretty sweet, and be sure to check out the Magic Gardens as well for some colorful mosaics that'll make you wonder why you hadn't moved there sooner.

Aquarius: Boston, Massachusetts
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Break out your baseball caps! You're headed to Boston, Aquarius. The city right on the water is waiting for you, and it's hoping you like hearing about the Red Sox and drinking Sam Adams beer. There's so much to do here, and you'll seriously never be bored no matter what the season may be. On the weekends, you'll likely catch a game or meet some friends at a rooftop bar just over the way in Cambridge. And on the weekdays, you'll take the train to the financial district and be the #girlboss you've always dreamed of.

As an Aquarius, you've always been independent and aren't afraid to do your own thing. That sort of spirit will fit in well in such a vibrant city.

Pisces: Seattle, Washington
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Picture this, Pisces. You're living your best life in a rainy city that's surrounded by endless amounts of evergreens. When you look to your left, you see the Space Needle and there's a Starbuck's literally everywhere, so you'll always be able to order your favorite coffee. Sound like something you're interested in? The universe surely thinks so.

You often find yourself in the company of all kinds of people, and city life will definitely leave you with some unexpected friends. But, your gentle soul is looking for a place that's bustling, but also a bit quiet. So, you'll want to head to Seattle where you hang by the Puget Sound without a worry in the world.

Truth is, some cities seriously don't sleep, but you'll be catching all the right z's once you're happy and home. The universe knows that everything happens for a reason, and wants you to be happy wherever you go.