7 Promises To Make To Yourself This Fall That'll Bring This Season To The Next Level

Oh my gourd, it's almost fall? The leaves will begin to change, and it'll be time to break out your favorite oversized sweaters. Soon enough, all of the beaches will close, and you'll pack up your bag for next season. Don't be sad to leave behind summer, though. There are still so many months ahead of you that are full of possibilities and memories waiting to be made. Sure, you could wallow over the trips you didn't take, but I challenge you to find promises to make to yourself this fall that will bring this season to the next level.

This isn't the time to call it quits on your daydreams. Life goes on and the seasons change, but it's all whatever you decide to make of it. Think of your day as a cup of coffee: You could water it down, or be adventurous and try something with a caramel swirl. You could add some sugar, and make the bitter situations a little sweeter. Get the picture? Your life is a mug, and every day you decide how to fill it. *Pours self second cup of coffee because now I'm craving it.*

It's prime time to seek out these seven promises that are truly inspired by the season. They are are easy and attainable things you can do every day, and particularly perfect for fall.

Let The Little Things Go

It's so easy to get caught up in the little things in life. You might get into an argument with your best friend and hold onto it for months down the road, or let your stress from Monday morning carry into the afternoon. Promise yourself that in the spirit of fall, you'll try and let these things go, instead of letting them take charge of your life.

Look at the bigger picture. Five or 10 years down the road, will this one exam really matter? At the end of the day, it's all about happiness, love, and the memories you've made. So, make up with your bestie, split some cotton candy at the fair, and focus on creating a life that's sweet over sour.

Don't Be Scared Of Change

Fall is the season to promise yourself to accept change and all of its beauty. The wonderful, yet intimidating, thing about life is that it never stays the same. Your surroundings and passions will evolve over time, and you can, too.

Turn over a new leaf (pun highly intended), and watch yourself grow into what you've always wanted to become. At first, you may start small and build a website, or buy a few new sweaters for your wardrobe. But, you'll eventually take the leap and end up exactly where you're supposed to be. After all, the best things in life can be on the other side of fear. So, don't be scared of change and what you don't know yet.

Seek Out New Heights

Right now, you're working toward making your passion your paycheck, but also finding excuses for why certain things won't work out. Instead of lifting yourself up, you may let some obstacles stand in your way. Well, pinky promise me (and yourself), that you'll try to push past these limits and seek out some new heights.

Like a Ferris wheel, life will have its ups and downs. You'll have your fears, doubts, and weeks where Mercury retrograde really isn't on your side. But, that's the universe challenging you to be creative and find another path. You'll get to where you want to go. It may just take some ambition and a good pair of hiking boots.

Be Who You Really Are

Halloween costumes are fun and all, but this is the season to show off who you really are. Just like the petty things in life, you can so easily get caught up in what doesn't matter to you. You might agree to activities you honestly dread, or pull a Troy Bolton from High School Musical and not show off your #artsy side. Come on, it's time you got your head in the game.

Being who you really are isn't always easy, but fall is the season to let your colors show. Take it from the leaves: The world is more beautiful when you're showing off your individuality. Everybody can be a copy, but you're an original. Choose yourself, and don't settle for anything less.

Find Comfort In The Unknown

Warm drinks and cozy sweaters are what this season is all about (in my personal opinion). Comfort is key, and you always look forward to snuggling up in your blankets and watching Hocus Pocus for the millionth time. But, finding comfort doesn't have to stop with bulky scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes — it can translate into other parts of your life, including the things that are still unknown.

You may often run away from anything that feels uncertain. You go through the questions in your head a thousand times, but rarely chase after the answers. What would happen if you moved to the West Coast? If you wrote a book, would it sell? Well, the only way to know is to do it and see what's in store. Take it one step at a time, and realize what amazing things are on the other side of the unknown.

Continue To Love Yourself

You've made a lot of promises with yourself to do what makes you happy. You put yourself first and distanced yourself from unnecessary drama and toxic relationships. Summer is all about those romances that start amongst the bliss of the beach, but fall is your time to focus on loving yourself, even if someone else is in the picture.

Give yourself the space to grow and learn new things about who you are as a person. Learn to trust and believe in yourself. Truth is, when you're doing better, you have sort of a "golden glow" — one that will inspire others to choose themselves, too.

Take A Breath Of Fresh Air

Even though summer is over, you should still spend fall in the outdoors as much as possible. There's something about fresh air and evergreens that just brings you back down to earth. Suddenly, all of your worries are washed away with the wind, and there's much more room for adventure in your life.

This season, when you're feeling particularly stressed by school or work, remind yourself to take a deep breath and explore. This time of the year is still filled with so much possibility. Sometimes it just takes carving a pumpkin and taking in entirely new perspectives to see what fall has to offer. Promise me this one, OK?