7 Things The Girl Who's Obsessed With Fall Wants You To Know

When summer comes to a close, you may feel a bit melancholy. You're packing up your s'mores supplies, and swapping out those sundresses for oversized sweaters. The last beach day is always a little bittersweet, and you say, "Sea you later," to the waves and long hours spent with the surf and sand. You and your girls drive home and reminisce about all the memories you made, and the trips you'll take when it's warm again. There's always one friend in the car — the girl who's obsessed with fall — who's more excited for these next few months, which will be filled with Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Yes, this girl is ready to leave behind the sunny days at the lake, and spend her time riding ferris wheels well into sunset. She's had her Halloween costume planned for months, and already scoped out local sunflower fields for a photo shoot. She'll gather up your girl crew for apple picking adventures on weekend afternoons, and insist on getting fried mac and cheese at the fair. (Of course, you'll say yes to that.)

But, there's more to the girl who loves fall than flannels and a passion for pumpkin patches. Right now, you're probably assuming that this is just a phase, that will come and go with the vibrant colors of the leaves. Think again — this girl loves fall because it's a part of her in the most interesting ways. Here are seven things you should probably know.

She Doesn't Hold Grudges

The girl who's obsessed with fall doesn't hold grudges; it's just not her style. She'd rather handle a situation and figure out how to move on, than spend months being unhappy about it. She's not afraid to confront her friends when they're wrong, or speak up about what's on her mind.

Not holding grudges has honestly made her such a happy person. You could easily get hooked on the petty drama or little things that are out of your control. This girl doesn't let life get to her that way.

She Loves To Change Things Up

Fall is all about change. So, the girl who's obsessed with this season loves to mix things up as much as possible. She'll rearrange the furniture in her apartment, or cut her hair after having it super long for months. You can always expect her to be on the move.

In your friend group, she may be the Sagittarius, or the girl with a free-spirited soul. She's constantly following her wildest dreams, and hates sticking to the same 'ole routine. She'll spontaneously catch planes, trains, and automobiles, and hang out with different crowds. At the end of the day, her life is incredibly interesting because of it all.

She Won't Do Anything She's Not Comfortable With

This girl thrives in sweater weather. Where some people would prefer to wear bathing suits and flip flops, the girl who loves fall is all about her boots and jean jackets. She tries to incorporate flannel into every outfit, and loves getting cozy by a bonfire with her besties. (Even her Instagram has a warm feel, right in line with the latest editing trend of the season.)

Being comfortable isn't just about her clothes, though. In fact, it's a lifestyle choice, and this girl won't do anything that she doesn't want to do. She never gives in to peer pressure, and has no trouble removing herself from sticky situations. But, sometimes she also needs a little push to get out of her comfort zone.

She Has A Heart Of Gold

The girl who's obsessed with fall has a heart of gold. She's open with her emotions, and a great listener for when others need some solid advice. Being her friend is a sweet deal, because you know she'll be understanding and sympathetic most of the time. You can always count on her to be a shoulder to cry on.

Her open-hearted personality has allowed her to connect with so many people over the years. She'll become best friends with the girl standing behind her in the coffee shop line, and is always the first one to lend a helping hand. (Thank goodness for her, huh?)

She Finds Happiness In The Little Things

Cotton candy, a crunchy leaf, or the cinnamon on an apple cider donut — all of these little things will put a smile on the face of the girl who's obsessed with fall. She goes head-over-heels for freshly picked flowers and the smell of coffee in the morning. Are you getting the picture yet?

Especially when it comes to her relationships or friendships, this girl doesn't need anything extravagant. She's content with having a first date at the fair, or just grabbing a box of pizza and having some good conversations. Some would consider her low-maintenance, and that's not quite the case. She just loves to find happiness wherever she goes.

But She Loves Looking At The Bigger Picture

The girl who's obsessed with fall loves the little things in life, but also can't get enough of the bigger picture. At any given moment, you can catch her daydreaming in the middle of class or a meeting at work. She's got the galaxy on her mind, and is slowly putting together plans to chase after her wildest dreams. She knows that happiness is more important than any argument, and that failing that one test won't mean too much in the long-run. Having such a keen perspective on life has helped her navigate every step of the real world.

She Blocks Out All The Haters

Nobody has time for the haters, but the girl who loves fall is particularly good at blocking them out. She's constantly doing her own thing, whether it being riding the Ferris wheel at the fair over and over again, or going apple picking for the millionth time. She always comes up with the most creative Halloween costumes, and loves showing off her quirky side.

Some people may be quick to judge her for having her head in the clouds, or not sticking to the status quo, but that's what this season is all about! Nothing is supposed to stay the same, and she wants you to know that she'll always be a unique individual — even when winter comes around.