10 Times You Should Speak Your Mind In Your 20s For A Sweeter Life

How many times have you looked back at a conversation and thought, "I wish I had said this." Instantly, you're filled with a little regret and the sudden urge to invent time travel. You think about how the situation would've played out differently, with all of this brand new information. But then, you force yourself to let it go. It's in the past now. Next time, you'll know to be honest with what's going through your head, and watch out for those times you should speak your mind in your 20s. A sweeter life is on the way.

When you close your eyes, those thoughts are still running through your head. You're thinking about what you should have said during that heart-to-heart with your bestie, or to your coworker when you were laughing over a YouTube video. You want to text your crush and tell them how you really feel instead of just sending another meme or cute emoji. Ugh! It's like your brain can't take a break.

You shut down your social media apps and put your phone on the other side of the room. That'll do the trick, right? Maybe. In my experience, it's always been better to just speak your mind in the first place. Nobody will know what you're thinking, otherwise. Put your thoughts and emotions into words, and find some confidence during these 10 situations. Life will feel as sweet as a s'more when all is said and done.

When You're Making Big Decisions

Life comes with a lot of tough decisions. You have to choose where you want to live and the career path you want to follow. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and let others do the dirty work. Then if everything goes wrong, it's not on you — right? Wrong.

When you're making big decisions, everything is entirely up to you. It's your life, after all. You have to take charge and design your dreams. This means speaking your mind when you're feeling confident about that move to the West Coast, or launching a new business. Show the world you believe in yourself.

When You Have An Opinion

When you have a strong opinion, you just want to blurt it from the rooftops. Speaking your mind feels easy in this scenario, huh? There's actually a better way to go about it.

First, read the situation and the room. (You want to make sure you're not going to start an argument in the middle of a nice family dinner.) Come from an educated stance, choose your words wisely, and respect your surroundings. It's important to share your opinions in your 20s, but it's also an art form.

When You're Standing Up For A Friend

Speaking your mind is essential when you're standing up for a friend. Yes, you shouldn't want to cause any drama. (There's a lot to be said for picking your battles, especially in your 20s.) But, you also have to let the other person know that what they're doing is totally not OK.

Maybe they were completely rude in the line at the cafeteria, or spreading rumors. Be the bigger person by being respectful while expressing your issues with what's going on. Without speaking up, you can't make the world a better place — you know?

When You're Telling The Truth

Whether you're being honest with yourself or another person in your life, be sure to speak your mind. Commit to being blunt and stop beating around the bush. Truth is, you tend to waste so much time when you don't go with your gut. You dodge tough situations or what you already know, just to face the facts later on. Imagine what could be different and the happiness on the other side, and then chase that feeling as far as you can.

When You Have Feelings For Someone

Having feelings for someone can be a super sweet part of life. But, when you're keeping all of those emotions bottled up in your brain, it's a drag. You can't stop thinking about that person, and are staying up late trying to find the courage to say how you really feel. Pull off the Band-Aid and speak your mind.

Even if they don't feel the same way, you'll get some peace of mind knowing where you two stand. You'll have found a new wave of confidence going into your next crush or relationship, or possibly a soulmate because they caught some feels for you, too. See how that works?

...Or Aren't Interested At All

If you're truly not interested in another person, then please don't waste their time. Instead, you should (nicely) tell them that you're not feeling a connection, and then move on. At first, this kind of confrontation may seem intimidating or totally nerve-wracking, but it's not impossible. Not to mention, life will be sweeter for everyone involved.

When You're Feeling Grateful

More often than not, you think to yourself, "Wow that person is amazing. What would I do without them?" But, you never act on it. You just contemplate that appreciation for a few minutes, and assume that the universe will send the message. *Sigh.* You can do better!

Speak your mind and tell those friends or family members in your life that you're so grateful for them. You'll likely make their day, or even their year. Everyone loves to be reminded that they mean something to another person, and have a valuable place in this world. So, don't hesitate on this one.

When You're Feeling A Little Overwhelmed

In your 20s, it's easy to spread yourself too thin. You don't want to close any doors or turn down a new opportunity. So instead, you might load up your schedule and welcome a lot of unnecessary stress into your life. Something needs to change.

Let the people around you know that you're feeling overwhelmed, and allow them to help. Take yourself away from commitments that don't add to your life in any way, and learn to speak your mind. Saying "no" to that coffee date or joining another club on campus might make a huge difference.

When You're Giving A Compliment

Sometimes you walk by someone on the sidewalk and really love their outfit. Their hair looks amazing, or you're casually admiring their cool confidence. Why don't you tell them?

Sure, speaking your mind in this scenario can be a little intimidating, especially because you don't know the person. But, being kind will never go out of style. Tell them that you adore their shoes, or just to have a great day. You don't need to strike up an entire conversation, and a compliment will always go a long way.

When You're Healing

Protect your peace of mind. That means speaking up when you're hurt or on the path to happiness. Truth is, your people will always have their two cents on how you should feel, or where you should be in life. They likely have good intentions, but standing up for yourself is key.

Healing isn't linear, and not everyone goes through the same process and emotions. That's OK. Use this time of change and vulnerability to speak your mind. You may realize in those moments that you're stronger than you believed and well on your way to moving mountains again.