8 Times You Should Be Honest With Yourself To Live Your Happiest Life

Truth or dare? In this scenario, let's pick truth. Since day one, you've probably been told that being honest is essential in this world. You started practicing with pinky promises, and confessing to your siblings that you ate the last chocolate pudding. Now, you're a grown-up and trying not to beat around the bush. You've discovered that life can come with its grey areas, but that telling the truth is still in your best interest. Embracing the times you should be honest with yourself will actually help you live your happiest life.

Talk to your friend who's always blunt — why is she that way? Well, she probably figured out that sugarcoating is sweet and all, but honesty is always the best policy. Getting to the point tends to waste a lot less time and energy, even though it hurts sometimes. (Delivery is everything on this one.) But, you shouldn't just preach the truth to your besties and call it a day. Being honest with yourself is essential, and also takes some practice.

When was the last time you had a conversation with your gut? Your inner compass will speak to you loud and clear, so listen up! Sure, it would be easy to swallow those truths, and keep on keepin' on. Let's pick "dare," then: I dare you to be honest with yourself in these eight times, and live your happiest life.

When You're Feeling Jealous

Jealousy will easily turn a happy situation into the worst thing in the world. Sounds dramatic already, huh? Well, that's how this feeling is processing in your head. You're wrapping yourself up in negativity and "what could've been." Instead of finding peace and excitement for your friend who just got a big promotion, or landed a spot at her dream school, you're sitting in the corner with no sign of making moves.

Be honest with yourself and realize the roots of your thoughts and feelings. Why are you so sure that the grass is greener on the other side? What can you do to water your own patch of seeds, and make them bloom? This is something that starts with you.

When You're Feeling A Little Overwhelmed With Adulting

Feeling a tad overwhelmed at the adulting game is natural, especially when you're in your 20s. But, it shouldn't become a habit that carries with you throughout your entire life. Let's be honest: You're already exhausted with running at such a fast pace, and excited to reach the finish line. It shouldn't be that way. Change your mindset, and consider life to be a marathon or beautiful hike up a mountain — not a sprint.

You want to enjoy every step, even when they're a little tough or off the beaten path. Figure out what's making you feel stressed and eliminate those elements from your daily routine. Happiness is on the horizon.

When You're Choosing A Career Path

Your career path should be at least somewhat related to what you're passionate about. Like most of us, you'll have to start at the bottom of the totem pole. There will be long nights and many cups of coffee. But, if you're doing something you love, none of that will matter.

Be honest with yourself and ask a few questions: Do you genuinely care about what you're working on? Does it make you happy and fulfilled at the end of the day? Are you in a job that's helping you get to where you want to go, or at least adding to your life story in some way? Think about the answers, and then act on them.

When You're Deciding Where To Live

Going out into the world on your own is a big decision. You're finding your first apartment, or following a job to another coast. It's key to be honest with yourself so that you feel comfortable and at home. (The last thing you want is to do all that packing, and end up in a place that wasn't meant to be.)

You'll always be a little happier in life when you're content with your living situation. Listen to your gut, and don't be afraid to explore your options a bit. Maybe you'll choose to take some time off of work or school, and travel the world. That can be a great way to find your crew and a place to call your own.

When You're Working Toward A Goal

Be honest with yourself when you're setting goals and working toward them. You can easily promise yourself that you'll do something active every single day this week, or write a book by the end of the year. But, is that realistic?

More often that not, you're approaching change or actions in your life with an all-in attitude, and end up disappointed with the lack of results. Instead, take small steps and figure out what you can actually accomplish in a set amount of time. It's great to have ambition, but little successes can lead to even bigger ones, and will bring you just as much happiness in the long run.

When You're In A Relationship

Honesty is your best policy when you're in a relationship, or even looking for a significant other. You should always go with what feels right, and stay true to yourself. It would be easy to give up on your search for a soulmate, and settle for something that makes you happy in the moment. But, that's not fair to you or the other person. You both deserve to find exactly what you're looking for — which is out there, by the way.

Truth is, love has a way of making everything else seem insignificant — which can be really beautiful, if you ask me. It turns toxic if you're losing who you are in the process, or what you really want. Stick to your gut and tell only truths, OK?

When You Have To Come Up With Plan B

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan, and you're left having to come up with a Plan B. In this moment, it's easy to get discouraged. But first thing's first: Take a deep breath, and then look toward your truths.

Going with the "second option" might lead to even better things. You could end up living the dream — it's just hard to know that right now. Give yourself a chance to explore and see some new possibilities. But, more than ever, be honest with yourself. Everything happens for a reason, and once you accept that, you're good to go.

When You Find Happiness For Yourself

When you find happiness for yourself, hold on tight. Don't let it go, or let anyone take that sunshine away. But, also take some time to reflect on what you love about your life. Be grateful for moments when you get to laugh with your best friends, and summer nights that stretch into forever. Find a way to bring even more happiness into your life or someone else's.

The universe aligned all the stars in the sky, and it's only right that you spread that love like candy on Halloween. Chase that feeling as long as you can, and be honest with yourself and others as to why you got to where you wanted to go. Odds are, you didn't do it alone, and a little appreciation never hurts.