8 Obstacles You're Unknowingly Creating For Yourself In Your 20s That Hold You Back

Girl, you're getting in your own way. You might be creating problems for yourself, and life feels pretty hard because of it. Yes, sometimes, life just doesn't work out the way you planned. You'll do everything right, and somehow still get the wrong outcome. But, at least you gave it a solid try — that's the part that really matters. Truth is, the obstacles you create for yourself in your 20s are keeping you from even taking those chances in the first place. You really should leave them behind so you can live your best life.

Think of life as a game of basketball: There are a bunch of different players, and sometimes you get passed the ball. In that moment, you can decide what to do with it. You could dribble through someone's legs and take a shot, or start aiming directly for the opposing player who's going to give you the most trouble. Now, in this scenario, it seems pretty simple, right? (You take your shot and score a basket for your team, duh!) Well, what if I told you, you're headed straight for the defense on the other team — because every time you create an obstacle for yourself, that's exactly what you're doing.

You're running straight into your fears, doubts, and stresses, and letting them take charge. The last time I checked, this is your life to live, so don't give those things the steering wheel. Eight obstacles, one you. Go!

Sleeping In Super Late

I love sleeping in on a Saturday morning just as much as you, but I've also learned that I'm wasting a lot of time by cuddling up with my blankets until noon. Every once in a while, it's healthy to do nothing and recharge. Your body and brain need a break from the hustle and bustle of life — and there's nothing like falling asleep to the sound of Friends to get that job done. Once you hit snoozed a couple of times, though, it's time to wake up and live. Go out in the world, take some risks, and find adventure. Chase every waterfall, catch up with an old friend, and turn those dreams into a reality.

Not Being Yourself

You should always be yourself. At first, this may seem obvious, but it's actually an obstacle you're creating for yourself in your 20s. You're getting caught up in job descriptions, the social scenes of new cities, and five-year plans. Everybody has an opinion on who you should be, where you should be, and what you're supposed to be doing when you get there. (It's no wonder you're feeling confused most of the time!)

So, do yourself a favor and stay true to who you are and what you love in this life. Follow it fiercely, and let it drive every single one of your decisions. You have a beautiful inner compass, and going with your gut is always a good idea.

Loading Up Your Schedule

When you're constantly running from nine to five, you're not quite living your best life. You rarely stop to smell the roses, and can't soak in any single moment for all of its beauty. See the problem?

Being busy can be good, because it means you're getting out in the world instead of laying in bed. But, there's also a such thing as spreading yourself too thin, and it's an obstacle you may know quite well. You're packing your planner with coffee dates, car rides, and nights out with your besties, and losing yourself a bit in the process. Take time to get away from the rush of life, and figure out how you want to spend your time before wasting another second.

Saying You'll Do It "One Day"

When is this "one day" you're talking about? Somehow this has become your favorite phrase, but also one of the biggest obstacles you're creating for yourself in your 20s — so nix it ASAP.

You're young, so it's easy to assume that you have all the time in the world to live your dreams. But, why wait when the world is ready for you right now? There's always going to be a better time, when you're not so tied down or have more money to hop on a plane. Stop putting things on a virtual bucket list and start checking them off. Your passions won't pursue themselves — I promise you that.

Comparing Yourself To Others

Forget about what other people are doing and start focusing on yourself. At this point in your life, everybody's on their own path. There's a road less traveled out there for every single individual, and it's simply up to you to find your own.

You could wallow in the fact that your best friend just landed her dream job, or that someone from college is traveling all over the world. But, what if you didn't, and then created a life for yourself instead? The second you stop comparing yourself to others, you find happiness. You realize that you are doing a spectacular job, and exactly where you're supposed to be.

Staring At A Screen

You've probably spent so much time in your life staring at a screen. (Guilty.) You lost hours to scrolling through social media, and constantly find yourself in the depths of YouTube at 2 a.m. It's time you disconnected from the digital life and discovered the world.

All of that time you take coming up with what to post could be used to pursue your passions. Instead of texting away during dinner with your besties, you could enjoy their company in real life. Truth is, you constantly complain about not having the time to do the things you want to do. But, that's just an illusion. You have the time, you're just not spending it wisely.

Holding Onto Toxic People

The toxic people in your life aren't doing you any favors. They're tearing you down instead of lifting you up, and keeping you from living your best life. Now, you could hold onto them forever, but you may not get very far. They create more obstacles and challenges in your life than you do for yourself, sometimes. (Being in your 20s can already be complicated — nobody needs that.)

Ditch the unnecessary drama, jealousy, and petty conversations for the bigger picture. Surround yourself with human beings who inspire you, and continue to push you to be a better person. You'll really make a difference in the world if you do.

Not Being Patient With Yourself

Nobody picks up "adulting" and aces it the first time around. In fact, most people are still navigating their way through life just like you. No matter what age you are, you'll run into challenges and problems you've never faced before. Sometimes you'll pass them by with flying colors, and other times you'll fail and have to pick yourself back up again. The key is to be patient with yourself.

You're a human being, and shouldn't ever forget that. You're bound to make mistakes, and asking for help is OK, too. Give yourself time and space to grow, change, accept, and experience every part of your life. You'll realize that this hurdle was probably the highest all along.