Halsey's 'Manic' tracklist has the BTS ARMY pumped because it reveals Halsey and BTS' Suga will coll...

Halsey's 'Manic' Tracklist Has ARMYs Convinced Another BTS Collab Is Coming

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BTS and Halsey may have collaborated already on BTS' track "Boy With Luv," but, now, fans think there could be another collab on its way — but with a twist. Halsey just dropped her tracklist for her upcoming album, Manic, and it reveals Halsey will collaborate with BTS' Suga.

It all started when, out of nowhere, Halsey dropped her highly-anticipated Manic tracklist on Dec. 3. In her tweet, Halsey revealed her album will release Jan. 17, 2020, and it will have 16 tracks. She unveiled the tracklist by writing out the songs one by one in a video. Fans already expected her already released tracks like "Clementine," "Graveyard," and "Without Me" to be there, but what fans didn't expect was a new collaboration with BTS' Suga.

Track 13 teases a song called "Suga's interlude." Fans immediately thought Halsey was referring to BTS' Suga since she just teamed up with BTS for their hit single "Boy With Luv," released on April 12. Over the past few months, BTS and Halsey performed their collaboration together several times, including at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1, and during BTS' Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert in Paris on June 7. To the BTS ARMY, Halsey collaborating with an individual BTS member only seemed natural because of her close friendship with them.

Suga is no stranger to collaborating with artists. He often writes, produces, and features on other artists' songs without the rest of the BTS members. Previously, he's worked with Lee Sora, Epik High, and Heize. Up until now, Suga hasn't teamed up with an American artist outside of BTS, so his collaboration with Halsey is huge news for the BTS ARMY.

Quick-thinking fans headed over to Halsey's Instagram for any other information about the collaboration and discovered Halsey tagged BTS in her tracklist post, which only excited fans even more.

There's no telling exactly how Suga will feature on Halsey's album. As fans know, Suga is a writer, producer, and rapper, so it could really be anything. At the time of publication, neither Halsey nor Suga has commented on details of their song, but fans can probably expect more info in the coming weeks, since Manic drops soon.

With Halsey and Suga's collab on the way, the BTS ARMY has a lot of content to look forward to, including BTS' Bon Voyage series, their Jingle Ball performance on Dec. 6, their fan meetings in Japan on Dec. 14 and 15, and V's 24th birthday on Dec. 30. ARMYs can now add Halsey's Manic to their schedules.