BTS' Suga's New Song With Lee Sora Is An Emotional Ballad About The Power Of Music

by Jamie LeeLo
Twitter/BTS_twt & YouTube

The deeper I dive into the K-pop world, the more delighted I am by ~all the layers~ there are! Just when you begin to understand the dynamic within a group (let's take BTS as an example), individual members begin to collaborate with other artists and whole new fandom worlds open up. That's what's happening for me now thanks to the collaboration track "Song Request." BTS' Suga hopped on a track with veteran Korean singer Lee Sora to create the new hit and fans are loving it. People are dying to know — what do the "Song Request" lyrics mean? Get ready cause they are deep, babe.

According to Soompi, the lyrics were actually written by Suga and composer Epik High's Tablo, which makes it's particularly special in my heart. In true heartbreaker fashion, the words are moody, soulful, and romantic. The music video mirrors these themes by setting a dark (and dare I say lonely-ish?) vibe, featuring a woman chilling by herself in an apartment while the emotional track plays. The lyrics paint a picture of someone traveling through the multi-layered journey of love and heartbreak, trying to get through the day and night with the help of the radio.

So wise! So deep! Here's what the lyrics mean in English according to Lyrics KPop:

[Lee Sora]: It’s raining again outside the window / These moments make me think of you / I can’t sleep / This silence and the melancholic sound of my heart / the room / Make me go crazy / So why turn up your radio / Somewhere, I hear someone’s voice / And on the radio / That sad story is so much like my own
[Chorus]: Hey DJ play me a song / to make me smile / A song that will make me forget that person / and smile for me in this sorrowful night / Hey DJ play me a song to make me cry / A song that will make me forget that person / And cry for me in this suffocating night

Suga seems to take on the role of the radio itself in the track. Check out his genius lyrics below:

[Suga]: This night that comforts a fierce day I had, when even the darkness has gone to sleep / Throws me up hundreds of time / Because you're in pain / I’m a corner, a piece of your life / A friend of your emotions / And sometimes family / At times when you want to take a rest / When you’re buried under loneliness even when you’re together / When you’re intoxicated with memories / And bring someone up / That’s when I become your music
[Suga Cont.]: Yes, to someone, I’m spring / To another, winter / I’m the end to someone and the start to another / I’m happiness to someone and the soul to another / A lullaby to someone and at times a noise / I’Il be with you at your birth and your end / Remember we’re always together anywhere / I’ll always console your life / So just lean on me and rest sometimes

Like, wut? It's too much!

Now that you have the words, sing along with the music video here:

Not only are ARMYs eating the collab up, so are Suga's bandmates. Jimin showed his support explaining how even he will request this song.

Obviously, emotional fans are posting on Twitter, too. Lots of people shared their favorite lyrics or parts of the song that resonates with them the most. Overall, it's a resounding win for ARMYs.

Honestly, there aren't enough crying gifs out there to summarize all of the world's feelings.

Thank you, Lee Sora and Suga! You are our lullaby.