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A Sexologist Explains Why Some Women Laugh During Sex

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Whether you're a screamer, moaner, dirty talker, or you like to keep it quiet-section-of-the-library silent, there's no right or wrong noise to make when you're getting frisky. Of course, if getting it on always seems to make you giggle, it's natural to wonder why some women laugh during sex. Laughter can be a sign of happiness, enjoying yourself, or feeling comfortable while getting it on. Say what you will about letting out a chuckle while doing the dirty, but feeling yourself and letting your body do what it needs to do is no laughing matter.

"Laughter is a natural human emotion and we do it for many reasons," Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and author of All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life, tells Elite Daily. "Sex is fun. We laugh when things are fun. If you're having a good time during sex and enjoying yourself, you might find yourself laughing because it's all so carefree and nice. You might also experience something awkward or classically funny." According to Engle, it's totally normal to laugh during sex. Whether you find something funny or you just naturally use laughter to express your happiness, giggling when getting it on just means you're feeling comfortable. "We should stop taking ourselves so seriously during sex and let loose and enjoy ourselves," Engle says.


Engle attests that there are a ton of reasons why someone may laugh as they're getting down, all of which are completely OK. "Sex is not like you see in the movies," Engle says. "It's silly, weird, awkward, sweaty, and sometimes just plain old funny. We have this weird pressure we put on ourselves to be super 'sexy' and sultry during sex, but a lot of the time that isn't how it goes down. And that's OK!" Whether you and your boo like to do it to silly '80s music or you love to goof around between the sheets, it's totally normal if your sex isn't always seriously sexy. Whether you and your boo made an agriculture-inspired version of the Kama Sutra called the "Farmer Sutra" or you like to do it with a Jim Carey movie playing in the background, the sexiest sex is doing whatever feels right for you. "If your partner laughs during sex, it's probably because they're so comfortable with you that all the tension is taken out of their need to 'act' in a certain way," Engle says. "They can fully express themselves and enjoy the experience."

Of course, if you and your boo like to keep things strictly sexy or if being silly in the bedroom is just not be your thing, keeping things serious can be hot, too. As long as everything you're doing is consensual, there is no wrong way to have sex. Still, if you're on the more serious side, and your partner laughs during sex, Engle attests that you don't need to feel self-conscious about it. "Don't take it personally if someone you're having sex with laughs," Engle says. "We get so conscious. Like, if our partner laughs during sex we must be gross, our bodies must look weird or abnormal, or we think we're making strange noises. It's truly not personal most of the time and has nothing to do with your prowess in the sheets." If you tried a new move and both ended up on the ground or you can't stop thinking about the funny cashier that sold you contraceptives that morning, sometimes even the sexiest sex gets a little silly. As Engle shares, laughing during sex doesn't mean that you think your partner's body is funny. It just means you're feeling comfortable expressing your emotions.

If you tend to naturally laugh during sex and you notice that your partner is getting offended or put off by it, Engle shares some ways to open up a conversation and talk about it. "Tell them what made you laugh and explain that it isn't personal or about something they did that was 'wrong,'" Engle says. "There is no 'wrong' during sex. Feeling comfortable enough to just let go and release your joy during sex is awesome. We should embrace it!" Again, if the sex you are having is consensual and pleasurable, there is no wrong way to get down to it. If your partner seems offended by your giggles, try expressing to them how sexy you think they are or how much you care about them. Laughing doesn't mean you're not totally turned on by them — in fact, it could mean that you're totally turned on and feel comfortable expressing yourself. What's hotter than that?

Laughing during sex can be a normal expression of pleasure or happiness. If you're having sex and something awkward or silly happens, it's always OK to giggle about it. Someone laughing during sex doesn't mean they are laughing at you. In fact, sharing a giggle in the bedroom can actually be a great way to feel more comfortable together. Whether you like to let out a chuckle or a giggle to prefer to stick to pet names and moans, your sex life is yours. You direct the shots and make the soundtrack that goes with it.

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