10 Tweets About Sex That Are So Real You'll LOL

by Korey Lane

Sex, love, sleep, and food: all universal concepts that just about everyone understands. Whether you've never had sex, are currently sexually active, or are taking the world one sex-capade at a time, these tweets about sex will definitely make you laugh out loud. Let's face it: Sex is awkward. Even if you're having sex with someone you love and who you've been with for a while, it can get uncomfortable if you're trying something new or if you're falling into a routine. There are a lot of annoying angles, some weird positions, and some downright terrible sex toys that never should have been invented, so it helps if you can laugh about these things. Sh*t happens (sometimes literally), and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Fortunately, the internet exists, so you can easily find solace in the number of people who have also experienced some weird sex things in the sack. You are not alone, fellow human, and no matter what you've been through sexually, these tweets will make you laugh, cry, and find comfort in the fact that no, you aren't the only one who feels weird about their pet being in the room while they're getting it on!

Need I say more? If you're ready for a deep dive into the internet (and to be reminded of how universal sex is) then let's begin, shall we?

This Fun Fact
peachesanscream on Twitter

I mean, it's just the honest truth at this point. Bacon is actually the best motivation for anything, isn't it?

Ugh, Sexism Is The Worst
im_tricia on Twitter

OK, not only is this tweet hilarious, but it's also so on point. There are way too many double standards out there when it comes to sex. Just let us live!

Coitus Interuptus
cpin42 on Twitter

Honestly, this tweet took me on a wild ride — pun intended.

We All Hate This Question, Don't Lie
david8hughes on Twitter

Awkward, every time.

But Also, It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
_kellkell12 on Twitter

I know this is funny, but real talk: If you're having sex, consider talking to your doctor about birth control. It's good to be informed and healthy! OK, back to the jokes.

Ah, True Love
infinitesimull on Twitter

She's not wrong.

Hope It's A Good One!
talasaurusrex on Twitter

OK, yes those signs are cheesy. No, it shouldn't matter that you're marrying someone and are (probably) going to see only their private parts for the rest of your life. Yes, that sign is overdone.

But I still want one for my bachelorette party. No shame.

Honestly, Though
1followernodad on Twitter

All positions are good positions as long as they're consensual, but most of the time, it's just fun to be there!

This Is Probably Accurate
absinthefather on Twitter

(Laughs then cries.)

We've All Been There
book_krazy on Twitter

Hello, sex life, are you there? It's me, the horniest person in the world. I'd like to know if and when I'll be getting it on next. It's been a while.

Sex can be weird, exciting, fun, or boring. It can be vanilla, or it can be 50 shades of rainbow sorbet. Sex can be sticky, and beautiful, and anything and everything in between. Most importantly, when it's consensual, sex is amazing. So don't feel weird about it! Have fun, relax, and enjoy. And when you're in your head about everything that could go wrong, think of these tweets. You're not alone, girl!

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