Hannah Ann after Peter broke up with her on The Bachelor

Peter & Hannah Ann's 'Bachelor' Breakup Was Brutal — Here's What Went Down


It seemed to be love at first sight for Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber on Season 24 of The Bachelor. After chatting with him three times in the first night and landing the first impression rose, Hannah Ann was a frontrunner be the final woman in Peter's search for love frm the start. So, naturally, Bachelor Nation is still 100% shook over the post-engagement post twist between the pair. Unfortunately, the reason why Peter broke up with Hannah Ann on The Bachelor doesn't seem totally cut and dry, but as soon as he let Madison Prewett go, fans had a feeling this was coming.

The relationship between the 28-year-old pilot and the 23-year-old model was strong from the start. She was the first to say she was in love with him, and made it clear time and again she was there to win his heart, even if it meant stepping on a few toes along the way.

After winner numerous challenges and coming out on top in #ChampagneGate, Hannah Ann seemed like the obvious choice for Peter's happily ever after. I mean, come on. Her name is Hannah.

It looked like all was well in the Bachelor universe as fans watched Peter propose to the Tennessee native. He then told the parents and fans watched Barb cry. Again.


It wasn't until they sat down together a month after the proposal that fans started to get nervous. Their body language was off. The vibes were tense. After she confronted him, asking if he was actually looking for a partner, he admitted he couldn't give her what she gave him. In a tearful speech after he said he couldn't do it, fans got the quote of the season from Hannah Ann:

You took away from me my first engagement. You took that from me, because I trusted you.

The best part is? Hannah Ann was ready with even more clapbacks — I'm talking the kind you usually think of in the shower, five years after you've been wronged. After Peter kept saying how sorry he was, Hannah Ann asked, "What are you sorry for? For not being man enough to follow through with your words? For not being true with your feelings? Is that what you’re sorry for?”


When Peter tried to explain himself, not only did Hannah Ann completely shut him down, but she insisted there was nothing more for him to say. “I have been my own rock through this," she told him. "You don’t have to worry about me.”

Afterward, they walked to the car hand-in-hand, but when he tried to have a final "I'm about to close the door" talk, she gave him a "talk to the hand," and closed the door in his face.

In the exes' live, on-screen conversation on "After The Finale Rose," it seemed apparent the reason for the breakup was because Peter wasn't over his feelings for Madison, something Hannah Ann didn't know at the time of the proposal.

After a heartfelt talk and even more meme-worthy quotes from Hannah Ann (not to mention candid reaction faces from Pete's mom, Barbara Weber in the audience), it became clear things are officially over for the two former lovers, whether Barb likes it or not.