Peter's mom cried on 'The Bachelor'

Use These 'Bachelor' Memes Of Peter's Mom When You Want To Be ~Dramatic~


Well, folks, it happened. The iconic "bring her home" scene with Peter's mom has been featured in countless promos since before the season even premiered, so when it finally aired during The Bachelor's March 9 episode, fans went wild. It turns out, this was so much more than just a small plea from a mom; it was a full-on scene, with tears and all. The moment was so big, in fact, fans are now making memes of Peter's mom from The Bachelor that are useful for your most ~extra~ situations.

On Part 1 of the two-night finale, Barbara Weber made another appearance alongside the rest of the Bachelor's family to meet both of his final two contestants. Let's just say, there was a pretty clear family favorite after both dates. Hannah Ann Sluss won over his family, while Madison's meeting wasn't as smooth. Before either woman arrived, Peter filled his family in on the drama that surrounded Fantasy Suite Week, and each member of the pilot's family was worried Madison and Peter's lifestyles just didn't line up.

After his parents met both women, Peter walked in to find his mom tearful on the couch. "She's not here for you, bud," she exclaimed about Madison, going on to ask her son to chose Hannah Ann. "Bring her home," she begged through tears. Of course, the plea quickly became an iconic hallmark of the season, and fans quickly took to Twitter to make memes of the moment.

While most people were focused on meme-ing Peter's mom, others took to social media to comment on how the Bachelor reacted to Barbara Weber's tearful moments. "Please don't do this," he asked her as she was crying. He seemed pretty frustrated with the moment, and fans quickly noted that.

Part 2 of The Bachelor finale airs on Tuesday, March 10, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.