Peter's Mom's "Bring Her Home" Speech On 'The Bachelor'

We Finally Know Who Peter's Mom Was Crying About In All Those 'Bachelor' Promos


Since the start of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, fans have been consistently teased with one specific scene time and time again: Peter's mom tearfully begging her son not to let *someone* go. Of course, The Bachelor wouldn't give away any details about this moment, so fans were left speculating about who Mama Weber was talking about, and if it had anything to do with the woman Peter would eventually choose to win his season. Now, that moment has come to life, and fans finally know Peter's mom's "bring her home" speech on The Bachelor was about Hannah Ann, and viewers are freaking out.

Hannah Ann stepped onto this season of The Bachelor as an obvious frontrunner. She earned Peter's first impression rose and seemed to immediately connect with the Bachelor. Despite being at the center of Champagne-gate early on in the season, she pretty much stayed out of the drama and remained a consistent favorite.

During the first part of the two-day finale, her status as a frontrunner seemed solidified after Peter's parents met both the final two contestants. After a very pleasant meeting with Hannah Ann, and a not so great one with Madison, Peter's mom pleaded with her son to keep the former.

"Don't let her go ... she's a dream come true. That's what love stories are made of," Peter's mom begged through tears. But Peter wasn't having it. "You've gotta stop," he responded, signaling his mom's emotions were too much for him. Eventually, his mom told him she'll support his final decision no matter what. "I trust you. I trust you will all of my heart because I love you with all of my heart," she said.

Despite his mother eventually signaling she will trust her son's judgement, Peter recognized Hannah Ann made a much better impression on his family than Madison did. "I don't have their support with Madison. It sucks, it really sucks. I tried to explain to them why she meant so much to me. They see other things," he explained to cameras after he met with his family. Basically, all the members of his family voiced concerns that Madi and Peter lived different lifestyles and told him Hannah Ann would be a much better match for him.


"Madison is a sweet girl, lovely girl, but Hannah Ann is an angel on earth," his mother explained after meeting both women. Overall, it's clear his family had a strong feeling that Hannah Ann would be the correct choice for Peter, and his mom's tearful pleas made it abundantly clear where they stand.

Fans will have to watch the finale to see how much Peter will consider his family's opinions when making his final decision. Although they seem to have made up their mind, Peter's Bachelor ending still remained up in the air after that discussion.