Hannah Ann proposal

Peter's Proposal To Hannah Ann On 'The Bachelor' Finale Was So, So Dramatic


The end of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor has come at last, and despite all the chaos, there was a proposal at the start of the final episode. After a back-and-forth situation with Madison Prewett, the pilot found his co-pilot in Hannah Ann Sluss and chose her as the winner of his season. But Peter's proposal to Hannah Ann on The Bachelor wasn't so easy.

Heading into the finale, it didn't seem clear what pilot Pete was going to do. After Madison and Hannah Ann met Peter's parents in Part 1 of the finale, it was clear the pilot's family had an obvious frontrunner in mind: Hannah Ann. They loved her praise of their son, and since Peter clued them in to all the Fantasy Suite Week drama with Madison, they ultimately felt like his lifestyle didn't match up with Madison's. Madison soon after sent herself home, leaving a heartbroken Peter in Australia.

Peter continued to tell Hannah Ann up until their last night together that his heart was split into two directions (despite Madi being gone, which Hannah Ann didn't learn until later). Hannah Ann was not pleased with that statement from Peter, noting: "It's not what I want to hear."

All this said, Peter decided he was going to propose to Hannah Ann. Of course, she wasn't clued in on this decision, and told cameras she was uncomfortable with Peter's hesitation about his decision the evening before.

Then, in came Chris Harrison with a much-teased update right before the proposal, telling Peter he wasn't sure if Hannah Ann was going to show up. This sent Peter in a near-spiral, but eventually the last contestant standing did make her way to the final rose ceremony. And when she did, Peter grabbed Hannah Ann's hands and proposed, saying:

I have to follow my heart. So, Madison... she actually left two days ago. Hannah Ann, your beautiful spirit is honestly unlike anything I've ever seen before. You're thoughtful, caring, selfless, passionate, and above all else, you're one-of-a-kind, and my heart chooses you forever. I love you, Hannah Ann, and the love you've shown me is all I've ever wanted, and I never want to let you go. Hannah Ann, will you marry me?"

Hannah Ann seemed quite honestly shocked Pete had chosen her, and she quickly hopped into his embrace and agreeing to be his future wife. The journey leading up to all this was undoubtedly a stressful one to watch, but the proposal itself was sweet and simple.

But of course, things couldn't just end there. A month after the engagement, Peter and Hannah Ann finally got the chance to see one another again after filming. It was there he told her he no longer thought he was in a place to fully commit to her, and their relationship came to a close. Hannah Ann let him have it for being so indecisive and hurting her in the process, which was honestly an A+ ending to their whole saga.