Kate Middleton Wore $65 White Sneakers That Will Work With Your Entire Summer Wardrobe

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Now that the weather is finally warm, I'm looking to all my favorite celebs to serve me summer style inspo. Of course, my girl Kate Middleton is always a favorite for beautiful dresses and great heels, but if you told me last year I'd be wondering where to get Kate Middleton's white sneakers, I would've been doubtful. I mean, Middleton never wears sneakers! Never, I guess, save for a few rare occasions like this one, so when she does don kicks, she makes sure they're cute AF.

White sneakers are a summertime staple, and believe me when I say I've gone through my fair share of Converse, Keds, and Vans in my day. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan of a clean, white pair of kicks, and on a recent visit to the Back to Nature garden for the Chelsea Flower Show, she decided to give her feet a break from her sky-high heels and opt for something a little more practical. Natch, she managed to whip up a seriously dreamy summer outfit in the process, and I'm thisclose to shopping the look from head to toe. I'll most likely be starting at toe, though, because her sneakers are surprisingly affordable. Like, under $70. Amazing.

Here's Middleton strutting her stuff in a gorgeous white eyelet blouse, perfectly-tailored tan culottes, and a pair of classic white Supergas:

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This better end up in the next Superga ad campaign. Look at the little girl behind Middleton staring at her, just wishing she had decided to don Supergas of her own that day. I can relate:

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The white-blouse-tan-pants-white-kicks combo is an absolutely perfect summer outfit recipe, and since the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic White Sneaker ($656, can be worn with just about anything, it's a must for anyone's summer footwear collection. I love to wear them dressed down with denim shorts and a crop top, but Middleton's slightly more formal, work-appropriate approach is just as good, if not way better.

If you don't already have a pair, consider her look a sign you need them, stat:

They're the perfect shoe in which to climb up treehouse ladders...

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...Not to mention squat down to peer at some nature!

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I know Middleton can't technically become a Superga ambassador, but at this point, she basically is one in my mind:

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BTW, if you've already got your white kicks on standby, the brand carries a variety of other great sneakers, including some that still fit the classic white sneaker mold, but with updated twists.

The S00G1X0 2750 Sangallo Satin Lace White Fabric ($79, is a white sneaker with eyelet fabric on the body and a gingham ribbon in place of laces. So sweet:

The S00G1Y0 2750 Mattnetw White ($79, is an all-white sneaker with a sheer mesh body, so your feet ever-so-slightly show through the sides:

Last but not least, the S00FCR0 2790 Multicolor Cotw White Multi ($85, is a white shoe with a rainbow platform adding some extra inches, so if all-white feels too boring, this pair still goes with everything:

Personally, I'm on the same page as Middleton when it comes to the classic all-white kicks, but Superga definitely has a shoe for any style regardless. Here's to more ~casual~, laid-back looks from the Duchess this summer! And to more comfy sneakers, because I'm convinced her feet must feel perpetually sore.