Here's Where To Snag Billie Eilish's Bershka Collection To Cop Her Cool-Girl Style

Leon Neal/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While I first fell for Billie Eilish's unique voice and hit-me-right-in-the-feels lyrics, it wasn't long before I became obsessed with her clothes, too. At just age 17, Eilish has developed a sense of style that's true to her innermost identity — she takes a hard pass on the typical Hollywood starlettes's wardrobe of bodycon dresses and fast fashion crop tops, gravitating instead towards oversized tees, basketball shorts, and sneakers, always by the hottest designers and in the coolest colorways, mind you. Of you're into her look and wondering where to get Billie Eilish's Bershka Collection, the singer's collab with the Spanish brand is straight fire, and will definitely sell out super-fast, thank you very much. Read on for deets about how to snag an Eilish-approved set before all the goods are gone.

Real talk, I didn't see this collab coming, but when Bershka posted about it on their Instagram, I realized it made perfect sense. The first time I ever set foot in a Bershka pop-up shop, I was blown away by how "cool" the pieces felt; genuinely cool, for the record. Not too try-hard or knockoff-y, and I assume that's why Eilish gravitated towards the brand, too. She doesn't have time for posers!

When I first saw this white set, I knew I needed it to be mind:

Here's the tea, though. The collection drops on August 29, and will only available in certain countries. Even though it will be online as well, shopping the American site yields no sign of Billie or her line:


When I switch my site to the UK version, the collection reveals itself in all its cool-girl glory. If you don't have friends in the UK who can snag you some pieces, it might be time to make some. Many fans took to Instagram to ask the brand for more specifics, and they did offer some insight via replies in the comments section. When asked if the collection would be restocked in stores, Bershka clarified that it would remain in stores in the UK until it sold out. When asked about online restocks, they replied to one curious shopper, "stay tuned! Tomorrow more😜". OK, so I'll be refreshing the U.S. shop tomorrow AM every five minutes, with fingers crossed the collection will be on the American site, too. A girl can dream.

If you do happen to live in one of the countries that can shop the drop, you can get early access by shopping through Bershka's Instagram Stories and the link in their Instagram bio now:


This isn't Eilish's first dip into the fashion industry waters, mind you. In July 2019, she collaborated with Freak City on some very cool pieces covered in Billie-approved graffiti and graphics. Just a few weeks back, yet another clothing collab was announced, this time with Siberia Hills. All the clothes for this drop came with a digital download of Eilish's latest album, which made splurging on a sweatshirt or tee so worth it. Still, I'm having a lot of FOMO about missing out on the Billie x Bersha collab, so fingers crossed it ends up hitting the U.S. before it's gone for good. Billie, if you're reading this, your American fans want to get in on the action, too!