BaubleBar Just Dropped A Ton Of Barrettes, Scrunchies, & Headbands To Step Up Your Accessory Game

Ever since fun hair accessories became the new statement earrings a few weeks ago — at least, that's when I noticed, just as NYFW street style photos began pouring in featuring strands littered with barrettes and jewel-encrusted clips — I've been placing random online orders here and there to gather a collection of treasures, piece by piece. I found a sweet pearl barette on Etsy, ordered a few colorful bobby pins from Amazon, et cetera; sadly, it seemed nowhere on the web had all the unique clips I desired in one easily-shoppable spot. Cue BaubleBar, known for their affordable and on-trend statement jewelry standouts, with a new drop to answer my prayers, and if you're wondering where to get BaubleBar's new hair accessories, you've come to the right gal, because I just finished placing my order, so I've got the first-hand scoop.

While they did have one hair accessories drop in the past (the Hair Flair collection, per Allure), BaubleBar is most widely known for their constantly-updated jewelry offerings, which at the moment consist largely of a variety of playful hoops and huggie earrings, which are so cute they make me debate getting more piercings to justify buying a few exra pairs. That said, though, myself and many other fashion-lovers have recently turned all our styling attention towards hair accessories, as the trend is undoubtedly on the rise.

I first started stocking up on hairclips after stylist Justine Marjan launched her now-iconic collaboration with Kitsch. Peep her DAMN clip featured in my fashion week cluster:

And when stylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin posted this bevy of barrettes, I knew I couldn't stop until my collection was equally as large:

Gathering up all the on-the-trend styles and variations is easier said than done, though, which is why the new BaubleBar line makes shopping for hair accessories so damn easy. They've got everything from rainbow bobby pins to leopard scrunchies to knotted headbands, and believe me when I say I want it all.

All of the BaubleBar hair accessory sets range from $24 to $54, so you can browse their site to pick out exactly what kind of finishing touch your 'do desires:

Personally, I've been really into the whole pearly barrettes situation:

Luckily, Bauble-Bar's two-piece Sophia Pearl Hair Clip Set ($24, Bauble-Bar) is just the ticket, with two oversized clips that look great worn solo or stacked together.

Remember when we used to painstakingly try to hide bobby pins within our stands? Those days are over, friends:

The more bobbies, the better, and the simple lines can make for some really chic graphic designs. IMHO, the Brandy Bobby Pin Set ($24, Bauble-Bar) would really pop against a dark head of hair, and you could mix and match for a rainbow look or stick with duos of the same shade. I wouldn't stop you from doing a pink bobby pin ombre, either. Just saying!

Also, hi, did you know scrunchies are back in? Because FYI, they're back in:

I haven't been bold enough to wear traditional scrunchies outside the house just yet (I reserve them for throwing my hair up whilst washing my face, actually), but the ones with a little length, like the Valeriya Hair Scrunchie ($25, Bauble-Bar) are really tempting me to step outside my comfort zone. This really screams springtime to me, maybe because I'd like to wear my hair like this to a picnic. Can we make a scrunchie-topped "picnic pony" a thing this season? Thanks.

Chrissy Teigen's hair accessory of choice? A headband, which officially makes it a must-have in my eyes:

The whole faux-twist or knot-on-top look is especially popular at the moment, and I love that the Mallory Headband Set ($54, Bauble-Bar) gives you options in terms of colorways, so you can try out more than one look.

See, didn't I tell you? BaubleBar is really out here giving the girls some options, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! Best of luck to you on your barrette-gathering journey, and if you're in need of a one-stop shop to stock up on a variety of hair accessories, I can't recommend the BaubleBar website enough.