7 Things That Happen When Your Older Brother Is Your Best Friend

There are few people on this planet you would hand a spoon to when you're opening a fresh cup of chocolate pudding. Your bestie knew she made it in your life when you offered her one of your chicken nuggets, which was then followed by an intense discussion about what's better, honey mustard or barbecue sauce. (Ranch is actually the best. Case closed.) But, your brother didn't have to go through quite the same extensive process. When your older brother is your best friend, a few things inevitably happen that only make your life sweeter.

Sure, you two went through phases of bickering and arguing, just like most siblings in the world. You argued over games of Mario Kart, and who got the blue popsicle on those super hot days in the middle of summer. Somewhere along the line, though, you always got over it and remained the best of friends. You ate your red popsicle with a newfound sense of pride, and then continued racing scooters down the sidewalk in your neighborhood. (Hold up, can we go back to that moment that feels like a polaroid picture, please?)

Now, you're both grown, and still laughing and making memories left and right. What can you say, your older brother is your best friend, and you've found these seven things to be all too true.

You Laugh At Yourself More

Nobody ever embarrasses you like your older brother. He's arguably the most ridiculous human being you've ever met, but in the best of ways. He pulls pranks on you, using inspiration from Jim and Dwight from The Office, and he brings out the photos of you as a kid, when your significant other comes around.

Over the years, you've really learned to find humor in these moments. He means so well, and not taking life too seriously is an important lesson to learn.

You Always Have Someone To Talk To

Bored in class, procrastinating at work, or just simply need someone to talk to? Lucky for you, your older brother is always there. I mean, sometimes he's not physically there, but he's only a call or text away, and you're forever grateful for that.

You constantly have someone who sends you funny memes, videos, or motivational quotes. He won't let you feel lonely, lost, or confused, and checks in on the reg, too. When all is said and done, he's your favorite person to have a conversation with, whether it be about your passions or just the general nonsense you found on the Internet.

You Stand Up For Yourself On The Reg

Having an older brother who doubles as your best friend means that you've learned to stand up for yourself. Growing up, he was the one who always made sure you weren't getting into trouble or that some person in your class wasn't teasing you at recess. Nowadays, you can choose and fight your own battles. But, thanks to him, you know exactly what situations are worth your time and energy.

He taught you to never be passive aggressive, and speak your mind when something or someone seriously rubs you the wrong way. Standing up for yourself isn't always easy, but when you approach it with respect and grace, it tends to work out for the best.

You Have A Few Other Guy Best Friends

Your friendship with your older brother has paved the way for a few other guy besties in your life. He introduced you to the world of superhero movies, sporting events, or dad jokes — and now you find yourself hanging with the boys on the weekend, instead of brunching it with the girls.

Truth is, you spend so much time with your, dare I say, favorite sibling, that you're just comfortable around this crew (and their constant need for food). (Did I mention that you always show up with snacks? Maybe that's what really sealed the deal.)

You Know A Lot Of Random Facts

When your older brother is your best friend, you learn a lot about life and how to navigate your 20s. You also get the 4-1-1 on the most random subject matters — from dinosaurs and music, to the batting average of a baseball player from years ago. Not to mention, you know exactly what year ketchup became a beloved condiment. (Phew! I don't know what you would've done without this very crucial information.)

You find yourself bringing up these random facts in conversation with your other friends and family, and they look at you in awe. It's like you're a human version of trivia cards now. Oh, brother.

You Feel Supported 100 Percent Of The Time

Life can be a tough crowd, but you always know that you have one major fan sitting on the sidelines cheering you on. Yes, your older brother — aka, your best friend — is always ringing his cow bell and encouraging you to do better. He knows and has seen you become the best version of yourself, and wants you to continue shooting for the stars.

In the moments when you're feeling down or disappointed, he's the shoulder you lean on. He listens to your rants, and then tells you to stand back up and get going. There's a whole wide world out there, and together you're going to conquer it all.

You Always Eat The Best Food

Let's be honest: Your older brother is the best person in your life. There's no competition. But, he became your best friend the second you shared that first plate of spaghetti or discovered the beauty of putting hot sauce on your scrambled eggs. You were bonded for life after that, and together, you've eaten only the best food.

As you get older, he's been your main source for restaurant recommendations and beers you should try (if you're 21 or over, of course). Without him, your palate wouldn't be quite as pleased, and you'd probably still be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal. Thank goodness for him — am I right?