Why Your Older Brother Is Your Favorite Sibling (Just Don't Tell The Others)

Oh, brother. You'd never tell a soul, but your older brother is actually really cool. He's your best friend, and the only person you'd ever go to with some of your trickiest life problems. Even his ability to send memes is pretty on point. Sure, over the years, you might have had those moments when you've drifted apart. You fought over the TV remote when you were little and stole each other's chocolate pudding. But, there are those times your older brother is your favorite sibling, and you hate to admit it. Just don't tell the others, OK?

Your younger siblings wouldn't ever let you live it down if they knew your older brother was your number one. Truth is, you love them just the same, but just for different reasons. They remind you not to take life too seriously, and are always down for a wild adventure. But your older brother is the one you can go to when you're seriously trying to figure out how to "adult."

He's been there, done that. He knows exactly how you need to handle certain situations. His advice means the world to you, and over the years, he's really gotten quite wise. Ever since you both moved out, you haven't seen him as much, but you know he'd always be around when you needed him the most. These seven times are when he's truly been your favorite. Although, you wouldn't tell a soul.

When He's Been Your Travel Buddy

Family vacations will always go down in the books, but the adventures you've had with your older brother will always be the best. You two have hiked together, or gone to a new city to see a sporting event. You've visited national parks, and he's been the one you always go to when you're headed to a brewery.

Some of your friends make good travel buddies, but nothing quite compares to bringing along your favorite sibling. You're likely on the same page a majority of the time, and he's always down to make new memories. Pretty sweet, huh?

When He's Stood Up For You

It's always kind of been your older brother's job to look after you. When you were little, he made sure you didn't get into too much trouble, and that really hasn't changed much now that you're older.

In fact, the times when he's stood up for you in your 20s have made him your favorite sibling. He knows exactly what you deserve and who you are as a person, and isn't about to let anyone take advantage of that. Phew! With a sidekick like him by your side, you're truly always good to go.

When He's Tried To Be Funny

Your older brother is honestly well on his way to being a dad with all of those corny jokes he cracks. Seriously, between sarcasm and the occasional pun, you can't go a day without watching him laugh at himself. Honestly, all the power to him for finding humor in the oddest situations. You'd never tell anyone, but you secretly think some of what he says is actually kind of funny.

He'll send you a meme every once in awhile, or just bring a little life to the family parties. You truly can't live with him, or without him.

When He's Asked You For Relationship Advice

You may be younger than your brother, but you've still managed to learn a lot of lessons about love. You've likely been in a relationship, or have maybe just been crushing real hard. The moments when your older brother comes to you for some relationship advice makes him truly your favorite sibling.

You see a whole new side of your brother when he lets his emotional guard down. Up until now, he's always had all of the answers, and you're happy to be the one who can help. You'll have a heart-to-heart, and he'll treat you like an adult who's had some experience with life. Sometimes you can't have those same conversations with your younger siblings — that's all.

When He's Made You Tough
Lee Avison/Stocksy

Your older brother isn't the kind of person in your life who will sugarcoat any situation. In fact, he'll likely always be blunt and tell you exactly how it is. Sure, sometimes that's just not what you want to hear. But, in the long-run, it's always worked out for the better. You probably should thank him. (Is calling him your favorite sibling enough?)

Truth is, your younger siblings will be the ones that always remind you to fall in love with the little things in life. They'll see everything through a pair of rose-colored glasses. Your older brother, on the other hand, will be all about fun while also knowing where it's good to toughen up.

When He's Asked For Your Fashion Advice

Sometimes, your older brother has looked to you for fashion advice. Maybe he's going to a wedding, or just really wants to impress his date. Either way, you love him a little more every time he comes to you for some expertise. You take him shopping, and make sure his outfit is fairly in style. Sweatpants and hoodies just don't cut it all the time.

In this way, he's also become your favorite person to hit the mall with, because he doesn't judge you for getting things you don't need. He'll find room in his budget for a pair of sneakers just like you would with any pair of shoes, and you always stop for a pretzel.

When He's Been Your Best Friend

Your older brother at times has been your best friend. Maybe it's been those times in life when you felt truly lost or alone, and he swooped in — or maybe you've just bonded over thinking alike in almost every situation. Either way, he's been your day one and go-to any time you've had a problem and the one that knows you best.

In a lot of ways, he's reminded you of your best guy friends who you'd do anything for. You've put yourself in some seriously embarrassing situations just for his sake, but know he'd do the same if the roles were reversed. Yes, you truly don't know what you'd do without your favorite sibling. But, you also won't ever tell anyone that's the case. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.