Why Your Older Brother Is The Most Important Person In Your Life

Your brother is the best. Sometimes he makes you really want to pull your hair out, but all in all, you wouldn't be the same person without him causing a ruckus in your life. He was your biggest competition when it came to the TV remote or the chocolate pudding in the pantry. You'd try and label your leftovers, but he'd always get to them first. When your friends came over, he'd find a way to prank you and hide your favorite games. Actually, why your older brother is the best may not be so clear, huh? Hear me out on this one, though, because he's the MVP of your life for a few reasons.

You two have shared a lot of memories together. There has been the family beach vacations and road trips where you'd play games in the car. You'd try and find license plates from different states, or watch your favorite movies. To this day, those have been some of your favorite moments, and you'll cherish them forever. (Not to mention, you know every line to Finding Nemo because you two have seen it so many times.)

As you grew up, new besties came into your life and you surrounded yourself with a girl crew. You go to those friends when you need to vent or a round of bottomless mimosas on Sunday morning. Believe it or not, they don't quite compare to your brother. He is the most important person in your life for seven reasons.

He Looks Out For You

Your older brother has always been like another parent to you. When the adults were away, he was in charge of taking care of you and your siblings. At the time, you'd cause a ton of chaos, and try to eat Oreos for dinner. Oh, brother — am I right?

Now, you're much more grateful that you have a role model like him in your life. He looks out for you when it comes to your relationships, and gives you the best advice. The real world can be tough, but your older brother is like a superhero and will keep you from heading toward trouble.

He Shows You The World

Older brother or tour guide? Your older brother is your favorite sibling because he's broadened your horizons. He likely moved out of the house before you, and maybe studied abroad. Since then, he's shown you new cities and taken you on the best adventures around the world.

You've gone to him for brewery recommendations, and tips on where to travel to next. Your bucket list is long. But, your older brother is the most important person in your life because he'll encourage to book the plane ticket and start checking some things off.

He Makes You Laugh

Your older brother is the best when it comes to puns, impressions, and one-liners. He's taught you to laugh at yourself, and be silly. Not to mention, he's carried on the tradition of cracking dad jokes at every family party.

Sarcasm, in particular, is your older brother's forte. No matter what the situation may be, he always has a witty comment. You roll your eyes, pretend to laugh on the outside, and sometimes act like you're offended. You love his sense of humor, though. Don't worry; that secret is safe with me.

He Teaches You Patience

Nobody understands patience like your older brother. After all, he had to babysit you and your siblings, and was always the first to deal with the family drama. Over the years, he's passed down this virtue to you. Life comes with a lot of curveballs, and he's taught you to take a deep breath and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

You should always plan for traffic, and assume that there's going to be a line. Nobody likes to wait, but having a little patience helps you get through situations that aren't ideal. When in doubt, bring your older brother along for some guidance on this one.

He Introduces You To New People

Your older brother seems to know everyone. In college, he was on the soccer team, and in high school he was a part of every club. Don't even get me started on all the connections he has into your industry. You'll be needing those as soon as you graduate college.

He's constantly introducing you to new people, so your social circle has expanded quite a bit. You've hung out with your older brother's friends a lot, in particular. Any time they'd get together, you'd come along. They're basically a bunch of siblings to you, too.

He Never Judges You

Your older brother never judges you, and that's what makes him the best. He loves you unconditionally, and won't hold your decisions against you in any way. Although, sometimes he may nudge you in the right direction and tell you that new outfit isn't cute.

He was around during your awkward phase, and when you were trying to turn a lemonade stand into a full-time job. He loves to bluntly share his opinion, but has only the best intentions. He's done some pretty ridiculous things, too, and knows there's a lot of embarrassing moments you'll have in the years to come. He'll give you a break this time around.

He Believes In You

Your biggest supporter in life is your older brother. Even though he may not show it all the time, he's always cheering you on and believes in your ability to change the world.

Growing up, he pushed your limits on the reg. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? Can you jump higher than me? Little did you know, he was teaching you to be more sure of yourself with every challenge.

Now, when you're taking risks in your 20s, you don't have any doubts. You believe in yourself because your older brother has given you confidence and that "can-do" attitude. There's a lot of important people in your life. But now, you're thinking you should thank your brother for being the best.