If You're Afraid To Take These 7 Risks, Don't Complain You're Bored With Your 20s

Life is for living, not just existing. You've probably been spending your days as a 20-something planning for the next best thing. You might be going to college or just graduated and are attempting to figure it all out. You're carefully making decisions and are wondering if you took the right path. Making mistakes may not seem like an option, but I'm here to say there are risks to take in your 20s that will ensure you're living your best decade.

Seriously, don't be scared of slipping up. You're only human, and are bound to try and fail a thousand times before you truly succeed. That's what makes the story of your life so sweet. You may get rejected from a crush, or trip on the sidewalk on your way to work and spill coffee everywhere. Learning to see the bright side in those situations is key. You'll find comfort in the fact that at least you put yourself out there and didn't have to ask, "What if?"

You're basically an adult now. (The struggle can be so real, I know.) So, you've been through enough life to know that your gut knows best and how to make smart decisions. Your life may be totally awesome right now, and if so, keep going. You may not need to take these seven risks to live your best life, but they will surely help.

Say "I Love You"

Some of us get so nervous to say, "I love you." I mean, arguably so. For any relationship, it's a pretty major milestone. But, the fear of rejection should never keep us from sharing our true feelings. So, you'll want to take this risk in your 20s to be sure that you're staying true to yourself.

You can bottle up all of those emotions, but at some point they're bound to come out. The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve probably could give you a few good tips. Truth is, even if the other person doesn't reciprocate those three words, they'll still appreciate the fact that you care.

Splurge On Something Big

Treating yo' self is part of living life to its fullest. If you're 20-something, you're likely still figuring out how to create your first budget. You're careful to not spend too much money on coffee in the morning, and are saving up to move out into your own apartment or pay that electric bill.

Anything money-related probably feels like sort of a risk. But, you work hard, so it's time to play hard. Invest in yourself a bit during this decade. Plane tickets, a new photography camera, or a pair of sneakers you've been dying to own all count when it comes to splurging. After all, you know you've been putting off that wanderlust for far too long.

Ditch The Negative People

It's OK to realize that some people just don't deserve to be a part of your life. They tear you down instead of lifting you up, and come with way too much drama. They are the ones who are consistently seeing the glass half empty, and are jealous anytime you succeed. Truth is, ditching these kind of friends is a sign you're growing up, and that's the best move to make in your 20s.

You'll face so many obstacles as life goes on, especially if you're daring to dream. So, why keep anyone close to you who's simply holding you back? It might feel harsh, and friendship breakups can be the worst so you'll want to think this through a bit, but you may find that something so risky really was rewarding in the long run.

Pursue Your Passions

All of those dreams won't work unless you do. Right now, you may be somewhat comfortable in a job that's paying the bills. You grab your coffee in the morning, and wonder about what's next because you're not doing what you're passionate about right now. Why wait? You're perfectly capable of getting to where you want to be, as long as you take a few risks.

You may need to leave your current job so you feel more motivated and have the time to put into your passions. Going back to school, splurging on some workshops, or launching a website might be the right move, as well. You're in charge of your path. Don't ever settle for something that doesn't set your soul on fire.

Face Your Fears

Are you totally scared of public speaking, or maybe can't stand the thought of eating at a restaurant alone? Your 20s is the time to get over those fears so that nothing is stopping you going forward.

As an adult, there are so many opportunities that will come your way, and you don't want to create your own obstacles. You're strong and can handle all of the curveballs that come your way, assuming that you're willing to take on the challenges, too.

Yes, being afraid of sharks doesn't mean you should go swim a sea full of them. Some fears are legitimate that way. But you'll feel more confident knowing that you can comfortably share a plate of French fries solo in the middle of the afternoon.

Stand Up For Yourself

If you're anything like me, you can be a little passive aggressive and hate to step on anyone's toes. You've gone along with the group just because it made your besties happy, and ended up eating Mexican food when you were really craving Italian.

Not all situations are as simple as deciding on takeout for dinner, but that's an awfully good place to start. You deserve to live a life that makes you happy, and have people who care about your well-being just as much. Standing up for yourself is a sign to others that you're owed respect and a whole lot of love. After all, you're a pretty awesome person.

Experience FOMO

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, is something we've all probably felt at one point another. Those Saturday nights when you were stuck inside studying while everybody hit up the local bar, or the coffee date you couldn't go to because you had a prior commitment, still sting a bit. You wished you could be everywhere at once, but time and money doesn't always allow for it. I'm here to tell you, that's OK.

Sometimes, missing out feels so risky — like your friends will make so many memories and inside jokes without you that there'll be no adventures that could ever be better. In those moments, you have to remind yourself to focus on what's happening in the now.

Maybe you didn't go out because your trying to save money, or haven't seen your family in ages so another night out with your friends can be missed. Everything happens for a reason, and there's a purpose behind taking this risk while you're in your 20s.