The Girl Who Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve Wants You To Know These 7 Things

Some of us love to run away from expressing our emotions, but telling people you love how you truly feel is an important part of life. It's easy to assume they just know what's going on in your heart, but unless you wear those feelings on your sleeve, it can be difficult to tell. You can take some cues from the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She's the one in your crew who is known to be so caring and maybe a bit blunt with how she always feels. There's so much beyond the surface, though, and she really wants you to know a few things.

She loves a good love story, and you can always catch her falling head-over-heels for the littlest things in life, like sunny days and surprises. Honestly, being 20-something is much sweeter when you can put your heart into every situation. You can count on this girl to somehow know exactly what to say most of the time. Thank goodness, because you weren't sure if you had all the words.

What you should know about her, though, is that like a good book, you can't judge her by what you see on the cover. When did we start making assumptions about people, even the ones we hold close? This girl wants you to listen up, and realize that these seven things about her are totally true.

She Speaks Her Mind

Take some cues from this girl when it comes to speaking your mind. You could call her a bit blunt, or just brutally honest. But, wearing your heart on your sleeve means that the whole world always knows what's going on in your mind.

Know that you can trust her to get real with you every time. She'll be the first one to speak up if she doesn't agree with your decision, and she'll probably have at least one counterpoint, too. She's not trying to play "follow the leader" her entire life, especially when she has such a strong inner compass sitting right on her sleeve.

She's Not Always So Sweet

This girl is getting tired of being known as the "nice" one in your crew. Just because she has a ton of feelings sitting right on her sleeve, that doesn't make her fragile by any means — and she wants you to know that she's a really strong, confident, and independent woman.

Whenever there's drama, she'll step out of the situation or do what's best for her. Especially when you're 20-something and trying to figure out the world, you have to look out for yourself. This girl will make other people her priority, but also always pick herself first if she's given a choice. Life has made her tough, and it's not always about sugar, spice, and everything nice.

She's Thoughtful AF

Leave it to the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve to be the most thoughtful friend you could ever ask for. Seriously, when it comes to giving each other gifts for Galentine's Day, you have some serious competition. She'll remember that you saw that cute outfit in the window of your favorite store six months ago, or she'll pick out the perfect card and save it for when your birthday comes around. She's just naturally so in tune to other people's thoughts and feelings.

In some ways, this gets her into a little bit of trouble. When you're so thoughtful, you set the standards really high for others and don't always get what you're looking for in return. So, be sure to give this girl some reassurance that you care about her just as much.

She's A Romantic

This girl lives for relationships and romantic comedies. She probably daydreams about finding the Noah to her Ali one day, and seriously believes in soulmates. In this way, she's the Scorpio in your group and can always be caught saying, "Awe!" over couples on social media and endless engagement videos.

You'll find her looking for a love story that'll last. She's honestly the sweetest person to call your partner because she makes the people she cares about such a priority. Don't take advantage of her romantic heart, though. She wears it on her sleeve, but needs someone who will appreciate it just the same.

She's A Great Listener

Being so connected with her thoughts and feelings means that this girl is very understanding. Having heart-to-hearts with her is always an uplifting experience, because she'll listen to all of your problems and put her best advice forward.

Truth is, she's had a lot of practice in the past. She'll be blunt with you when you need to hear the hard truth, but she'll also let you speak your mind and decode all the text messages from that crush who ghosted you. Sometimes logic just isn't enough and you need someone to speak from the heart.

She's Constantly Changing

She's always looking for new things to spark her soul. You'll notice that she never settles, and runs with her emotions every time. Maybe now she's the Sagittarius in your crew and loves to travel. Spontaneously hopping on a plane just to see a new, beautiful place isn't ever out of the question, and she knows this world has so much to offer her passionate heart.

In this way, this girl is so independent. She knows what she wants at any given moment, but is always open to changing her course and continuing to grow.

She Follows Her Heart

When it comes to decisions and figuring out anything in life, this girl constantly follows her heart. Some people choose to focus on the logic that surrounds a situation, or go with their gut. But, she finds the most confidence in her feelings, despite the fact that they could change at any moment.

This girl knows what she's passionate about, and will fearlessly set out to live a life full of love, because it's more exciting that way. So, before you assume anything about this girl, you should know that it's not all about what you see on the surface. There's always more to the picture, and maybe now you hope to wear your heart on your sleeve, too.