7 Things You Should Really Know About The Girl Who Seems To Care Too Much

Who cares? This girl does a whole lot. You know her as the one in your friend crew who worries the most and truly cares about the people she keeps close. She's always checking in, and making sure you and your friends are doing OK, and always gives the best advice. Seriously, there's not a situation you could come to her with that she wouldn't spend hours of her day figuring out. Her heart is always on her sleeve, and her emotions run wild every day of the week. But, the girl who cares too much wants you to know a few things, because she can be hard to understand.

You have a lot of love and feelings, too, but sometimes you don't quite get this girl. She might come across as scared, or too sentimental. And you wonder if you're being harsh for not handling situations just the same. Truth is, everyone expresses things differently and she's probably a Scorpio or another passionate star sign. She cares about herself just as much, but will always continue to find purpose in helping people.

Caring so much can get draining, though. And she'll love to vent to you, too, especially when she's finds herself head over heels. After all, she's oh-so-human and wants you to be there for her, too. Take a second to put things in perspective and try and see where she's coming from all the time. She won't be so open about everything, and these seven things you should really know.

She Has The Best Intentions

She always means well. This girl does everything out of a whole lot of love. And even though she might drive you crazy sometimes, you should know that she really does have the best intentions. She calls you out when you're doing something wrong because she cares, and will always be the one to tell you exactly what you don't want to hear.

Even when she's worrying for no reason at all, it's because she has a million scenarios going through her head where she thinks there could be trouble and wants to solve them before they even start. In those moments, comfort her and appreciate that she's really just looking out for you and your crew. Our besties are basically our sisters, and this girl will always treat her friends like family.

She Shouldn't Be Taken For Granted

Don't ever take the girl who cares too much for granted. It's easy to sometimes without you even knowing it, just because you know she'll always be there. But, she'll always put you first and needs to be reminded that prioritizing herself is necessary, too.

Truth is, you probably always go to this girl with your problems, because she always knows exactly what to say. She'll look at those text screenshots from all angles and help you sort through everything that's going through your mind. She honestly loves giving advice, and feeling needed that way — but, don't put all of your passions and priorities into her hands, because she has her own as well.

She Needs Some Reassurance

She needs to know that you care about her, too. When life gets busy, it's easy to flake on plans or assume that our friends will always be there. And odds are, they really aren't going anywhere. But, showing some appreciation will never go out of style, and this girl needs a little reassurance sometimes that her heart is in the right place.

She'll come to you looking for advice, just to make sure she's always doing the right thing. The last thing she wants is to steer someone she cares about in the wrong direction, and she's navigating the 20-something life just like you. Her experiences have made her strong, but she'll also find herself worrying that she hasn't done enough. Be sure to be there for her, too.

She'll Always Be Your Biggest Supporter

The girl who cares too much is always going to be your number one fan. She looks at your life and passions as her own sometimes, and doesn't ever want to see you fail. Think of your parents who were always on the sidelines of your soccer games, cheering you on even if you were running the wrong way. They'd guide you to where you were supposed to go, or maybe give you some life advice along the way, and keep clapping when you're right on course.

You can always count on this girl, and she's probably your most reliable friend. She'll be there at 2 a.m. with a pint of ice cream, and she'll challenge you to be a better you — purely because she cares. Success is better when you can share it with other people, and she'll always have you and your passions in mind.

She Worries A Lot

Overthinking is sort of her thing, and she just can't help but worry a lot of the time. She'll run through every possible scenario in her head, and lets her mind wander sometimes. She knows that most of the time, the worries that she has are totally irrational and most likely never going to happen, but you'll need to reassure her just the same. Seeing is absolutely believing sometimes — and she might not always be the best at channeling her calm, cool, and collected center.

In this way, though, you know exactly how she's feeling. You've had your late nights when you've stayed up wondering what you should've said in that conversation, or where you'll be in the next year or so. This situation is just the same.

She's So Strong

There are not many situations that this girl can't handle, because she throws herself head-first into every single one. She's oh-so-passionate about people, and she'll always make the causes that she cares about a priority. It can be so easy to lose yourself when you care so much, but she likes to look at it all as a challenge. And she always comes out the other side stronger and with a lot more experience.

In that case, you should never doubt the girl who cares too much. Don't throw more onto her shoulders just because she's strong — but know that she can move mountains and do whatever she sets her heart and mind to.

She Loves Herself Just As Much

Loving yourself is so important, especially when you care so much about everything else. And this girl wants you to know that she puts herself first as well. Sure, there have been times when she could've backed down from a situation in the name of self-care. But, she always keeps her own peace of mind as a priority despite it all.

She's learned over the years that sometimes you need space for yourself, and will take time to be solo and do things that make her happy just the same. Truth is, you can't care about others until you know how to care about yourself. Like anything else in life, it starts with you because that's what you can control. She knows how to care for you so hard from learning how to love herself, first.